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What Is The Trump Slump, And How To Fix It

The newspapers bleat about the “Trump Slump” because, since the Russia collusion narrative has failed and the investigation become bogged in busting tangential actors for procedural violations, they need some way to keep the Leftist base energized and mobilized to vote in the midterms.

In reality, the Slump reveals a more mundane truth about human attention spans:

A new CNN poll found Trump’s approval plummeted 6 points over the past month to just 36 percent, and more than half a dozen other nonpartisan surveys showed a similar downward path.

In the RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump’s approval rating has dropped nearly 2.5 percentage points over the past three weeks while his disapproval has risen almost 2 points.

Pollsters and strategists say the numbers are particularly unusual because the president’s approval ratings have suffered even as the economy has thrived.

Most of what Trump is doing right now is invisible and does not make headlines to compete with the constant outrage porn and Trump Anxiety Disorder (T.A.D.) propaganda flowing from the Left. Even as he renovates our economy, Trump seems to be following while the media is leading.

This is nonsense, of course, because the media is reacting to everything that Trump does. Those of us who are not on the Left, however, are feeling the fatigue of that: we are tired of wading through a dozen stories of complete fabricated nonsense in order to figure out what he is doing, and in this way, the Left is hiding Trump’s positive actions.

Perhaps instead we should look at the real contributions of the rise of Trump: we can talk about demographic replacement openly again, our courts are becoming more conservative and less activist judge, regulations and taxes removed are stimulating growth and removing tedious red tape, costs of immigrating legally are up, interdiction of illegal aliens has increased, and the US is negotiating against globalist wealth transfer to the third world.

However, this may not be enough, because Trump was elected by recently-awakened voters who now want radical change because they have seen the problem: once the Democrats import enough third world people, the electorate will go minority-majority, at which point the whole country becomes Detroit, or a place where interests of our heritage population never win.

People are ready for radicalism. Unfortunately for them, it must wait until after the midterms, and only can occur if those midterms go well. Trump seems distracted every time he responds to this fanatical media and its latest insults against him, so he will probably have to shift strategy to lead the narrative again. However, in the meantime, he is setting the groundwork for what can come after successful midterms.

Even more, any action of this nature will require us to coordinate. We need Congress working in coordination with the President, no doubt, but even more, we need our audience to get excited, ignore the media, and push forward for what we know must be done: end demographic replacement.

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