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What Is “The Loop”?


Outside In presents a seemingly paradoxical tendency of Leftist regimes as described by Richard Fernandez:

The Western left has the habit of preaching from a moral height while simultaneously describing its history as one unending crime.

This makes no sense if you take the Left at face value, but there is no sense taking any politics at face value, because what is said is offered up as advertising to entice voters, and has little if any relation to the demands of power, economics, managerial bureaucracy and time, which are what actually limit policy and therefore determine the subset of options available.

Machiavelli remains demonized in some quarters because he said the same thing: people do not what they say they will do, but what they must do in order to remain in power. The demands of the task determine the options available, not the intent of the human, and this insults and offends us because we like to think we are in control.

But we are not in control. The world is in control, and therefore, the task is more important than our desires. We can elect to have principles, if they are both realistic and ascendant, and those can serve us well. But we cannot invert cause and effect and demand that method, symbol and emotion replace the mechanism by which results are achieved.

Let us explore The Leftist Loop:

The goal of Leftism is to seize power from kings, and after that, from those who are naturally more gifted than others. To this end, it is uses passive-aggression and a begging-the-question fallacy together: assuming that everyone is equal, those who are not in favor of equality are in fact attacking equality, and must be removed, because they are the anti-peace, anti-love, and anti-good.

This is how pacifism goes from kumbaya to “kill the dissidents” in one easy step. It happens again and again. Revolutionary France. Communist Russia. Brendan Eich. Jimmy the Greek. John Derbyshire. Anyone who speaks out against equality, or simply does not go along with the charade, is presumed to be evil and can be destroyed.

The Leftist Loop works because its essence is scapegoating. Instead of looking at the demands of reality, the loop distracts from reality by finding a symbolic reason for why everything has gone wrong. This is far, far easier than looking into the details, so it becomes popular. The herd destroys the symbol, sort of like an inverted golden calf, and then concludes it has won — until the same problem crops up yet again…. and again, and again.

This perception seems to arise from the sensation of individualism: thoughts within the mind, especially social thoughts, are stronger than more remote stimulus as is caused by contemplating real-world objects. People feel their thoughts as more real than the rest of reality, much in the same way their immediate personal circumstances interest them more than global policy. This is individualism: what is mentally convenient for the individual comes before all else.

Anywhere Leftist goes, the Leftist loop goes as well. This occurs because Leftism is based in ideology, not reality, and therefore demands enforcing because it does not work on its own. It is the first system of rule based entirely on human intent being more important than reality, like the face-value thinking described above.

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