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What If I Told You That Our Problems Are Few?

The year 2021 will be remembered as the year of Great Revelation. We saw that our meritocracy selected yes-men, bean counters, and influencers to rule over us, and that these people could not handle anything that was not in their textbooks.

We then saw that in our democratic society, from the heads of state down to the lowliest Mask Karen, everyone responded to a crisis by seizing power and tax money for their own benefit and cared nothing for everyone else.

Our televisions glowed with images of race riots and Communist Antifa raging across the streets without facing any real consequences while the dupes lured into the J6 riot rotted in high security prisons without contact with the world.

It became clear that democracy has run itself into oblivion again and soon there will be regime change. Our people are not breeding, and are miserable in this modern high-tax low-intelligence world.

Even more, we saw just how much diversity destroys us. We have no culture in common, but now we really have no behaviors or desires in common, and there is nothing left but enmity.

The Left and Right moved to seemingly radical places back in 2016, but Trump carefully pitched a Reagan-style moderate campaign; the point was to show how much the country has changed since 1984.

In response, the Left moved further Left in order to make the Right look extreme for being centrist. This showed us that Late Stage Democracy has entered its endgame: enforcing ideological obedience above all else.

There is no way out of this declining course unless we stop doing the things that got us here. Our solution involves gaining enough will as a culture to influence politics and end some of our stupid actions.

  • Diversity. Without affirmative action and the interpretation of the 14A that says that private business can be forced into the egalitarian plan, diversity collapses overnight and repatriation will follow.
  • Socialism. All programs which take money from “the taxpayers” (one group) to pay out to another group are wealth transfer. These can be repealed and privatized, for example unlimited 401(k) plans with no tax penalty to replace Social Security.
  • Equality. This country was not designed around equality, but the Fourteenth Amendment changed that. The same process that brought it about can lead to it being repealed.
  • Lack of purpose. Democracy focuses only on outer goals because the notion of equality clashes with the idea that we are different as individuals and have different capacities; when we get rid of that illusion, we can focus on culture and inner spiritual, moral, intellectual, and social maturation.

Relatively few things brought us to this state, and unlike what the Left who scapegoat the wealthy and the Right who scapegoat Jews and Satanists tell you, all of them were popular ideas adopted by democracy.

If we un-do these relatively few programs, the entire façade of modernity collapse on itself and, having become useless obstruction, will naturally be moved away by the force of time.

Fixing our civilization is not the mountain to climb that the Left portrays it to be, but a small hill that requires us to have the focus and will to climb. The Establishment fears this and so serves up a constant diet of distraction.

The first step, counter-intuitive as it may seem, is for us to stop searching for someone to blame and instead to look at where our ideas deviated from reality. Clearly the egotism of The Enlightenment™ and the “equality” that followed need inspecting here.

After that, it requires those who are still able to think to join together on a simple idea: we want to repeal and remove the bad decisions made in the past.

This then sells itself because removing a few things is less scary than junking the system as a whole, which is the point we rapidly approach. If we remove the things listed above, we will transition smoothly to something better.

For example, if we get rid of government’s #1 excuse to do anything — equality: anti-poverty and anti-racism programs — then it automatically shrinks, at which time we can address the administrative state, runaway taxes, and our far too numerous laws.

If we break the back of diversity, we can have culture again, at which point voting patterns revert to a more moderate view of things, which is that government should do little and ethnic groups must stay separate.

The beast that strangles us has only four feet, after all, and even if we remove only a few of those, it cannot stand. At that point, we have a chance for rebirth, ironically not by doing anything new, but by ceasing to do “new” dumb things.

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