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Ghislaine Goes To Jail, System Breathes Sigh of Relief

If the voters were not morons, they might see the broader picture, but instead they follow the puppet show onstage because they are incapable of grasping even basic rules of logic.

For example, they tell us that pedophiles run the US government and also believe that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial has done something…anything.

If pedophiles ran the government, they would never allow one of their own to even be arrested. The person would simply be detained and vanish into witness protection.

Public outcry? The New York Times saving the day with an exposé? No one cares. The DOJ/FBI would simply make a statement that they were saving more lives with the testimony and there would be token arrests.

All you have to do is distract the rubes for a few weeks and the event goes into the memory hole.

You can believe that pedophiles run government, if you want. It is probably not true, but it’s a good metaphor for what the lizard people — narcissistic sociopaths who recognize that democracy is ripe for ripping off — actually do.

I mean, if your kids were at Benghazi and the Black Lives Matter mob was attacking intent on sodomizing and murdering them, your “elected leaders” would do nothing. They care only about getting votes; that is what “democracy” means.

These people will gladly sell out your kids, or at least their futures, in order to steal money, power, and status. That is all they care about. What happens to you little people, as Hillary Clinton would say, is immaterial.

You are the dupes who buy their products and they, as shopkeepers, think they are clever and funny when they sell you garbage at high prices and it destroys you. If they get caught, they simply blame the group: “Well, people wanted it, so…”

The truth of the matter is most likely this:

  1. Epstein/Maxwell were not pedophiles. They ran a brothel that allowed wealthy and powerful men to sleep with women in their teens, most of them in the later teens.
  2. They forgot to pay a bribe. They were able to keep running their high-tech whorehouse because they paid off officials, but they forgot one, and so they finally got busted.
  3. This is a show trial. It is here to distract you from actual pedophiles and the legitimization of “pedosexuality” by LGBT+ Leftists. They are using Epstein/Maxwell as scapegoats for a whole bunch of bad stuff that will not be prosecuted.
  4. Pedophilia is a metaphor. Like the “Satanic Panic” and stories of litting boys getting their penises cut off in public restrooms, this is not reality. The reality is that your leaders do not care about you or your children. They only care about their own wealth, power, and status.
  5. The point is to avoid change. For us to protect children, we would have to change and stop leaving it to government to solve our problems. Your kids are more likely to get raped by diversity and inherit a third world nation than get taken by pedophiles.

Epstein and Maxwell served a certain wealthy clientele who liked to have sex with seventeen-year-old girls. It is not exactly the news that weak rich men like to do stuff like this; strong ones get young wives and have big families.

This show trial has allowed the removal from public view of many people in power so that others can take their places. This was a seizure of territory, not a clearing out of the problem, which continues unabated.

People talk a good game about the Uniparty until it does something that makes them feel good. The whole point of this trial is good feelings: “Oh good, they busted the pedophiles, so that’s sorted and we the voters can go right back to sleep.”

It just granted a nice layer of invisibility to everyone else doing anything vaguely pedophiliac or abusive of power, since now the voters think that the demon has been found and destroyed, so all is good again.

Back to sleep.

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