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What Divides Us

Right now we hear a lot about how “divided” America is, and how the media is to blame, from the media. Wait, what? Obviously someone is concealing something!

America has split into two groups. One group relies on producing things to make itself survive, and tends to be more self-sufficient, in part because it avoids expensive housing in the big blue cities.

The other group depends on acts of government and public image to make its money, lives exclusively in blue cities, and will go away if things like free public education, regulations requiring legal interpretation, red tape paperwork to be filed, social media influences to be influenced, and endless salesmanship go away.

Some in fact would say that our society shows the failure of Social Darwinism, not by being too harsh, but by making it too easy to survive, so that any idiot can go out there and become a lawyer, salesman, middle manager, image consultants, specialized “expert,” bureaucrat, or other job that has no direct connection to reality. If you fail as a farmer, you starve; if you fail as a soft-handed city desk jockey, likely no one will notice.

It seems that civilization itself creates a toxic by-product, namely all of these people burdened with deleterious mutations who could not survive in nature. When you civilize, you create jobs, and then all people need to do is to fool their bosses or customers for a few minutes. This has nothing in common with a charging bear, forest fire, or starvation.

These two groups cannot coexist. Those of us who can actually create things — crops, objects, writings, analysis — are the relative minority because as soon as our ideas benefit others, cities take root and quickly swell with people who can handle jobs where they repeat the same patterns, social groups where knowing the latest sports scores or political news determines your status, and shopping for objects to stock their apartments and homes.

Right now we see the group of dependents swelling. With an overgrown society, or in other words a civilization in advanced collapse, they make a good living. They keep posting on Facebook, making speeches, and writing briefs. They pound out the garbage code behind moronic products like Microsoft Windows or Twitter. They are morons, thriving off the demands of other morons, in a circular economy based on everyone paying everyone else to keep breathing.

Communism just formalizes this fact; it already fully occurs under capitalism, mainly because it occurs anywhere that fails to remove dependents as soon as they arise. If our ancestors made a mistake, it was not filtering out the deleterious mutation people and sending them somewhere else, or underground. We piled up lots of NPCs by rewarding conformity to jobs instead of requiring people to make affirmative productive contributions of their own initiative!

Indeed, a gap exists as wide as the one between Soviet Communism, which never could feed its people, and American capitalism. Capitalism at least rewards people for being marginally competent, where Communism punishes competence because under a conjectural and theoretical system like Communism, ideological conformity is more important than real world achievements. The gap between nature may be even wider because it has no jobs and false targets like what pleases the boss or can be summarized in an excel spreadsheet; you must find means of food, shelter, fuel, water, defense, and self-amusement, or you perish!

Not surprisingly, the dependents want Communism for the same reason they always do, which is to hide the elemental incompetence that they recognize in themselves during unguarded moments, mainly by drowning it in a background collage of the incompetence, insanity, selfishness, promiscuity, perversity, retardation, and sociopathic behavior of others.

We cannot talk about these things, since they offend the Customers, and those are mostly of the dependent variety. When you take a statement, and remove the controversial, you are left with the uncontroversial… namely, affirmation of the status quo and the general human pretense that all of us are good, useful, and important people, even when all evidence suggests otherwise.

As a result, we now exist in a time of two narratives: the Inverted Narrative in the blue cities, and the Realist Narrative in the other areas. The Inverteds want to continue down the path of decay because they depend on it, but the Realists notice that decay = decay and want to turn back from this path.

This creates a division that nothing can bridge. Each group wants a different type of civilization than the other, and those two models cannot coexist. Separation is in the future, obviously, unless the Realists gain control and drive out the deleterious mutation people.

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