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  • EFF descends on Senekal as Horner’s murder accused appear in court

    Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Mahlamba are due back in the dock in the same court that was the scene of violence last week when local farmers stormed the building and set fire to a police van.

    Diversity means constant infighting. Class warfare means that the numerous displace the talented. This has destroyed the West. In the meantime, farmers in South Africa are getting enraged over the farm murders culminating in the death of Brendin Horner, and are about ready to chuck apartheid guilt and start a hot war.

  • Finland PM wears blazer ‘with nothing underneath’, sparking sexism debate

    She was born and raised in Helsinki by her mother and her mother’s female partner, in what she described as a “rainbow family”.

    She was the first person in her family to graduate both high school and university, where she obtained a master’s degree in administrative sciences in 2017.

    Finland got itself an Ardern/Turdeau/Obama style celebrity politician! And a bona-fide certified prole too, from a poor background like Abe Lincoln so we can assume that she is in favor of more Leftist class warfare. As far as this shocking photo, it is mostly just cheesy and classless, not all that exciting.

  • Grandparents targeted in drive-by shooting

    The couple had a “thin blue line American flag” in their yard, meant to show support for the Seattle Police Department. They believe the display is connected to the shooting and say there were problems in the past.

    “About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down. I didn’t argue with anybody,” the victim said.

    The couple had filed a police report for harassment. “ACAB” and “Black Lives Matter” were also painted in front of the home.

    Open political warfare on the streets of America. Anyone sane is voting Trump; everyone else is voting (or allowing) the transfer of power to China, socialism, and the corrupt Biden, Clinton, and Obama crime families.

  • Secretary Perdue Statement on President Trump’s Trillion Trees EO

    “The Trillion Tree Executive Order signed today by President Trump further demonstrates the Administration’s commitment and leadership in ensuring our national forests are healthy and productive so they can continue to meet the needs of citizens and communities, both now and into the future,” said Secretary Sonny Perdue. “When I was growing up on my family farm, my father always taught me to appreciate that ‘when it comes to the land, we want to leave it better than we found it.’ The President’s Executive Order will do just that – leave it better than we found it and help bolster the 193 million acres of National Forest System lands to promote recreation, enjoyment, and sustainable economic prosperity across broad sectors of the rural economy.”

    It would be really great if Trump were to mention or praise Half Earth in his campaigning or commentary. Ideas like this need to be introduced in little drops and repeated at that concentration for some time before people are ready to consider them seriously, since they are a radical departure from what we have been doing but common sense three generations ago.

  • The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust

    It is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of “rare earth” minerals. These elements can be found in everything from magnets in wind turbines and electric car motors, to the electronic guts of smartphones and flatscreen TVs. In 2009 China produced 95% of the world’s supply of these elements, and it’s estimated that the Bayan Obo mines just north of Baotou contain 70% of the world’s reserves. But, as we would discover, at what cost?

    If you regularly read Amerika, you might want to skip this review: Consumerism results from socialist-style entitlements. Government dumps money on proles either directly or by displacing costs like education, healthcare, daycare, and retirement that they would otherwise have had to pay, and so the proles run out and buy tons of disposable junk, which allows government to point to the increased GDP and borrow more money on that basis, so of course government then wants to dump more cash on the proles. Without free government money, people would have lower cost of living, but own less junk, and our economies would not be based on growth by selling more junk, but on producing what we need with some extra to export. The need for growth results from constant taxation. This also makes the value of our currency highly variable. Eliminate taxation, stop entitlements, and we can focus on self-sufficiency, at which point we no longer make this world into a plowed furrough of death and despair.

  • Ex-Mexico army chief arrested in LA on drugs, money charges

    Cienfuegos served from 2012 to 2018 as secretary of defense under Peña Nieto. He is the highest-ranking former Cabinet official arrested since the top Mexican security official Genaro Garcia Luna was arrested in Texas in 2019.

    My guess is that AMLO and Trump came to an understanding: the USA would help Mexico take out the corruption networks, which involve very powerful people who could not be arrested from within Mexico or jailed there, and Mexico in turn would do some things to stop the constant illegal migration. AMLO has no hope of achieving anything that he promised in his election speeches without getting rid of the good old boys network of corruption, but this network was fortunately revealed by its collaboration with the cartels and entered public consciousness that way. Now the USA just has to do the same with its Democrats and things might be looking up for North America.

  • Black man’s family views graphic video of in-custody death

    [Emergency room doctor Dr. Omokhuale] Omokhodion’s medical report noted that Greene, a 49-year-old barber, was “said to have been intoxicated” and “driving in excess of 110 mph” before losing control of his vehicle and driving off the road. It added that Greene had no chronic health problems.

    Another case of someone engaged in totally antisocial behavior who ran into the wrong cops. In a naturalistic sense, predatory cops exist to kill people like this and spare all of us the future trouble they will inevitably create. In the same way that serial killers pare down the teenage prostitute population and reduce blight (including consciously, as in the case of Gary Leon Ridgway, an unsung anti-blight hero like Mark David Chapman and Lee Harvey Oswald) and teenage bullies reduce the spread of metrosexual barista Redditors, sometimes abusers prowl the streets and remove the unwary, insane, and destructive. They do it because they can get away with it. Do we like it? No, but no one complains that these guys are gone, except the families who sniff out a cash-in.

  • Full lockdowns should be a ‘very, very last resort’ and can be avoided, WHO’s Europe chief says

    Kluge cited models that suggested a far greater and generalized adherence to mask-wearing and strict controls on social gathering in both public and private spaces could save up to 281,000 lives by February 2021 across 53 countries that come under WHO Europe’s regional office.

    COVID-19 is the Great Revealer: it showed us that our society is incompetent and has been torn apart by the careerism of others as each scientist, academic, journalist, and politician tries to out-do the others for increasing the level of panic. They know only the forward inertia of the System, not anything about the underlying reality. Consequently, they were induced by China to shut down the world economy so that China could leapfrog its failing economy forward:

    China’s imports grew at their fastest pace this year in September, while exports extended strong gains as more trading partners lifted coronavirus restrictions in a further boost to the world’s second-biggest economy.

    China is unstable. Unstable things seek to dominate everything else so that they can eliminate competition before their instability catches up with them. China lied about the scope of the virus, faking a serious epidemic, and then pulled strings in the West to have group panic occur, which was convenient for the Left which wanted to shut down rising nationalism by introducing a false panic to obscure the real threat of demographic replacement, South Africa style slow genocide, and American style perpetual race riots. It is time to pay attention to Sweden, who is not destroyed like was promised by the experts but instead seems to be doing rather well:

    In 2020 as a whole, according to a new paper by Danske Bank, Sweden is expected to see a 3.3% contraction, compared to 4.3% for the U.S., 5.8% for the United Kingdom, and 8.3% for the eurozone.

    Not only that, but it seems to be performing well relative to other countries in terms of casualties:

    Sweden registered 5 new deaths since Friday, taking the total to 5,899 deaths. Sweden’s death rate per capita is several times higher than Nordic neighbours but lower than countries like Spain, Italy and the UK that opted for lockdowns.

    This is in a country of 10.3 million, 2.6 million of whom have a foreign background (and therefore, are more likely to suffer from COVID-19). Looks like a 5.728155339805825e-4 risk of dying, according to the Windows calculator.

  • Greener play areas boost children’s immune systems, research finds

    Across the western world, rates of autoimmune diseases, where the body mistakenly attacks itself, are rising. The diseases include asthma, eczema, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis. A leading possible explanation for this trend, called the hygiene hypothesis, is that children are being exposed to far fewer microbes than in the past. This means their immune systems are less challenged and more prone to making mistakes.

    …In four centres, turf from natural forest floors, complete with dwarf shrubs, blueberries, crowberry, and mosses, were installed in previously bare play areas. The children spent an average of 90 minutes a day outside and were encouraged to play with the plants and soil.

    Side note: The Guardian does paragraph control better than any other news source. They tend to keep them short if they can, and of similar length, inducing a type of rhythm. When they do hit you with a longer one, it seems designed to overwhelm. In any case, this study was tiny, but the takeaway would be that children do not need parks but forests. In other words, like in heritage America and Europe, where we lived in moderate towns and small cities instead of giant diverse cosmopolitan urban centers with no souls.

  • Brexit: Trade talks with the EU are over, says No 10

    But there are still major disagreements over fishing rights and state help for businesses.

    As said here before, the EU freaking out over Brexit has mostly to do with fishing rights. The UK can break away immediately without a problem, so long as it finds trading partners to replace Europe. As Trump suggested: look to the US, Australia, NZ, and Canada. Keep the Anglosphere tight.

  • Minnesota town residents oppose church listed as hate group

    The council plans to vote on the church’s permit at a Nov. 4 meeting.

    If they turn the permit down for any reasons other than physical (too many people in the church, heater broken, etc.) then this is discrimination against freedom of religion. Looks like an epic court battle is being set up, because there is no way that this council will permit the church to set up shop there, although one imagines one of these days that someone will figure out that you get fewer headlines if you just make a blanket statement about freedom of faith whether you agree or not. Given the across-the-board incompetence seen in democracy lately, it is likely that they will deny this permit on spurious grounds and kick off a round of expensive, highly-public lawsuits instead.

  • Sweden to increase military spending by 40% as tension with Russia grows

    “We have a situation where the Russian side is willing to use military means to achieve political goals,” the defence minister, Peter Hultqvist, told reporters on Thursday. “Based on that, we have a new geopolitical security situation to deal with.” He said the new proposals would mean an increase in the military budget of 27.5bn Swedish kronor ($3.10bn) by 2025.

    With less protection from NATO, Sweden must re-arm, which means less money for those opulent social programs that attract migrants. If the free stuff goes away, the foreigners go with it.

  • ACT national average composite scores lowest in a decade

    The results, released Wednesday, show a decline in the national average composite score for 2020, dropping to 20.6 from 20.7 the year prior. This is the lowest average composite score in the past decade, ACT reported.

    Among students from traditionally underserved racial/ethnic groups (not white or Asian), the average composite score has decreased from 18.0 to 17.7 between 2016 and 2020.

    Vibrancy! Stunning and brave! Ethnic food! — oh wait, genetics is real, and now we’re headed toward being another third world ruin. We did it all for equality.

  • ‘You don’t belong here’

    “We encourage young people to start families which are by their essence a natural environment for self-realization,” the text reads.

    Brakes screech.

    Was this an existential statement made by a political party? We really are breaking free from democracy. Things are speeding up.

  • China, Iran, Russia, N. Korea, 22 others accuse US of ‘systematic racial discrimination’ at UN

    Zhang’s critical statement against the U.S. was joined by North Korea, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Belarus, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Laos, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

    China and the Soviet Union started this propaganda back in the 1950s: how can the USA claim it has “freedom,” when its Black people are still enslaved? The answer has always been that freedom is a non-goal, but that life is better for people in the West because we are not a totalitarian tyranny like these Asiatic republics. Maybe White people had more freedom than Black, but Blacks still had decent lives compared to Africa. The problem is, no amount of good living makes up for having control over your own future, and that only happens in your own ethnostate. This is why reparations-with-repatriation is gaining steam. In the meantime, China and its fellow bad guys come across as comedic given the Uyghur camps, Novichok, mass graves, and state sponsored assassinations that they favor. This is just a case of the people who do not do what the West did hating on the West. How dare we rise above? Well… mostly by not doing the dumb stuff you guys are doing, and focusing on a transcendental goal instead of control methods but that’s none of my business (drinks tea).

  • Countries Rush to Hoard Food as Prices Rise and Covid Worsens

    The early purchases underscore how nations are trying to protect themselves on concerns the coronavirus will disrupt port operations and wreak havoc on global trade. The pandemic has already upset domestic farm-to-fork supply chains that provided just enough inventory to meet demand, with empty store shelves across the world leading consumers to change their shopping habits.

    The modern system died of panic so a few thousand Democrats could make millions off of Chinese lobbying. We will be paying for this one until our grandchildren are dead, unless we drop entitlements (75% of taxes, including property taxes, the “second mortgage” that along with Obamacare destroyed middle class prosperity in America) and become self-sufficient. If China starves, oh well. We can mail them granola bars or something. White people love projects and getting the White neurotics of America to spend a few weeks baking, packing, and mailing granola bars to China would keep these suburbanites from doing even more neurotic stuff. Imagine four weeks of no Karens… it’s easy if you try. Imagine Mark David Chapman, oh my God he’s got a gun I’m gonna die.

  • Tired of science being ignored? Get political

    Still, when we decide that issues such as structural racism, climate change or income inequality are ‘outside our lane’, we betray both the professional reputation of our field and the health of the people we serve.

    When politics consists of “equality good, * (everything else) bad,” then you get this kind of pathological zombie conformist mentality.

  • In Iowa, Trump praises the intelligence of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin

    “President Xi of China, he’s 100 percent,” Trump said. “Putin of Russia, 100 percent. Kim Jong Un of North Korea, 100 percent. These people are sharp and they’re smart. Joe has lost it. In his best days he wasn’t a smart man, and everybody knows it.” Trump was referring to former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president.

    Trump is a giant surrounded by weaklings. He has handled these tyrant-dictators brilliantly: he treats them like humans, unlike weaklings like Obama who belittle them for social status points, and then shows them what they could have if they do what Trump wants. This shatters them by raising the bar; where previously, their goal was to solidify control, they now have something new to shoot for, and by telling them that they are intelligent, he sets a higher level of expectation for performance, which forces them to perform more gracefully. Any idiot could scream at Putin for the unwise, arrogant, and unnecessary Novichoking of Navalny. It takes a master persuader (per Scott Adams, who wrote my favorite book on management) to convince them to change themselves. In the end, fewer people will die, and fewer things will be ruined, with the Trump method than the cuck Obama method.

  • Facebook, Twitter Put Restrictions on New York Post’s Disputed Hunter Biden ‘Smoking Gun’ Story

    Facebook and Twitter took action Wednesday to limit distribution of a New York Post story citing emails purportedly revealing evidence of influence-peddling by Joe Biden’s son Hunter — a disputed allegation that has never been corroborated. The paper claimed the emails were supplied by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, after being copied from a laptop that had been abandoned in a computer-repair shop.

    The Hunt For Red October Surprise was brutal. Trump realized that the Democrats aim for plausible deniability in all things and compulsively and systematically erase evidence, including innocent evidence, which makes them very hard to prosecute. It turns out that “transparency” is another one of those modern illusions. However, they can be made weak if the case is made in the media, which will then suppress it, convincing people that it is true, just like how people believed anything that Tass denied in the old Soviet Union. Whenever the herd takes over, by whatever method, you get a Soviet-style death spiral, and in this country with its “market socialist” system, the herd does not have a centralized Party, but acts through tacit conformity to a series of talking points. It does not matter; we are facing the same endgame that the Soviets did. Humans keep building that Tower of Babel based on the idea of unity that serves to control, not liberate or inform. It is a conspiracy of reality-denial, and it always serves us poorly, but just like in the Garden of Eden, humans cannot stop themselves from pursuing it.

  • Trump administration targets diversity hiring by contractors

    The president has also ordered the Labor Department to set up a new hotline to investigate complaints about anti-racism training sessions that Trump has called “anti-American” and “blame-focused.” The order signed last month calls attention to discussions of deep-seated racism and privilege that could make white workers feel “discomfort” or guilt.

    Pluralists often reveal that they are actually egalitarians who insist on pluralism in order to force the majority to tolerate and subsidize them. They hate it when their pluralism is turned around on them, and White people say, “Great! So now that we’re all equal, we White people would like to represent ourselves the way Asians, Jews, Africans, and Italians have represented themselves: selfishly and without regard for anyone else.” In other words, if you are going to demand an end to racial discrimination, this applies to Whites, too. This misunderstands equality, of course, since the goal is not equal treatment but equal status, which requires unequal treatment in order to achieve equality of status. Trump has signaled that he is ready to end affirmative action and un-do the regime of entitlements, probably by cutting them to the point where they are no longer effective as singular remedies, forcing people out of them and into the free market.

  • China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words ‘Genghis Khan’

    It said the Chinese authorities demanded that certain words, including “Genghis Khan,” “Empire” and “Mongol” be taken out of the show. Subsequently they asked for power over exhibition brochures, legends and maps.

    Asiatic tyranny lives with us constantly!

  • Pandemic accelerates need to consider digital currency: Bank of Canada

    A digital currency would act like cash and streamline transactions by avoiding a need to use a payment card for online purchases.

    Yes, let us entrust our financial future to the people doxxing, blocking, censoring, deplatforming, and subverting us now. In the meantime, we are seeing that prole-rule creates a terrible system, both because our prole-bureaucrat rulers are on a massive power trip, and since all power is contingent upon public image, people follow whatever trend or panic is happening at the moment and are heedless for what is real or relevant in the long term. This is a giant fad, the “society must adapt to COVID-19 as if it is the end of the world,” where those in power try to one-up each other for media attention.

  • This small town’s battle over gay Pride flags is helping fuel a national debate

    Due to the ongoing debate within the community over whether Pride banners are “political” speech, and since the new ordinance bans political banners, it’s unclear whether city officials will approve them next June.

    Is a White Pride banner “political” speech? If not, then neither are Pride banners.

  • U.S.-China relations will ‘reset’ if Biden wins the election, says former American ambassador to Beijing

    “When it comes to China, I think you’ll see a bit of a reset,” Max Baucus told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Thursday. “You will see a president who will engage in quiet diplomacy.”

    Translation: like Obama and Clinton, he will roll over and hand everything to China because they financed his election, race riots, and media coverage. In the 2020 election, you either vote for Trump or for Chinese takeover.

  • Swastika stickers found on Bellingham businesses in hate crime incident, police say

    Police say this weekend, several businesses in downtown Bellingham and Fairhaven were targeted with Swastikas and the warning, “We are everywhere.”

    At Brandywine Kitchen, remnants of the Swastika sticker was plastered next to a newly painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on the window.

    Bellingham Mayor Seth Fleetwood released a statement saying, “We are actively investigating this as a potential hate crime. A swastika is a symbol of people perpetuating violence against other people. It has no place in a civilized society.”

    See also previous events here and here. We see Havel’s greengrocer in action:

    I think it can safely be assumed that the overwhelming majority of shopkeepers never think about the slogans they put in their windows, nor do they use them to express their real opinions. That poster was delivered to our greengrocer from the enterprise headquarters along with the onions and carrots. He put them all into the window simply because it has been done that way for years, because everyone does it, and because that is the way it has to be. If he were to refuse, there could be trouble. He could be reproached for not having the proper decoration in his window; someone might even accuse him of disloyalty. He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life. It is one of the thousands of details that guarantee him a relatively tranquil life “in harmony with society,” as they say.

    Obviously the greengrocer is indifferent to the semantic content of the slogan on exhibit; he does not put the slogan in his window from any personal desire to acquaint the public with the ideal it expresses. This, of course, does not mean that his action has no motive or significance at all, or that the slogan communicates nothing to anyone. The slogan is really a sign, and as such it contains a subliminal but very definite message. Verbally, it might be expressed this way: “I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace.” This message, of course, has an addressee: it is directed above, to the greengrocer’s superior, and at the same time it is a shield that protects the greengrocer from potential informers. The slogan’s real meaning, therefore, is rooted firmly in the greengrocer’s existence. It reflects his vital interests.

    The greengrocer wants bourgeois acceptance: good standing in society, and lots of warm bodies in his store, so he does what everyone else is doing. Human societies tend toward conformity the instant they embark on a path of compromise, pacifism, tolerance, pluralism, or utilitarianism. That happens as soon as we abandon knowledge of genetic destiny, mainly that some are born to lead, and others born to follow.

  • Jewellery ad on interfaith couple withdrawn after outrage

    It shows a baby shower organised for the Hindu bride by her Muslim in-laws.

    Opponents of the advert say it promotes “love jihad”, a term radical Hindu groups use to accuse Muslim men of converting Hindu women by marriage.

    Everywhere, the Left offers ironism, or rejection of physical reality for the human reality shared through emotions, tokens, desires, and fears. This requires destroying all organic things, like hierarchy and culture and heritage, so that they can be replaced by the ideology of equality. Every one of these snake oil salesmen must burn.

  • Republican Party of Texas sues Harris County clerk over drive-thru voting

    The drive-thru sites were created to give voters concerned about coronavirus a safe option.

    That is the excuse, but the underlying reality suggests that this is part of a longtime pattern by Democrats to make voting easier for the lazy, slovenly, disorganized, impulsive, and criminal. We know those people vote Democrat as a result. This means that the Democrats have admitted that they are the Slob Party and want to help lazy slobs conquer and pilfer this once-functional society.

  • Native American tribes kept human SLAVES, which means People of Color were slave masters even BEFORE the founding of America

    This part of history tends to get glossed over in the zeal to paint Christopher Columbus as a wholly evil man. And while there is no question that settling America ended badly for many of those who had been living there before he and his crew arrived, some historians suggest that the idea of Native Americans as innocent, nature-loving people destroyed by Europeans isn’t exactly an accurate portrayal, or at least, an incomplete one.

    In fact, some Native American tribes were holding war captives as slaves even before European colonization. They were often used to carry out labor; some were also tortured in religious rites. After Europeans began to settle the continent, some Native Americans were captured and sold by their fellow Native Americans into slavery to Europeans.

    People forget that slavery is part of human history because the other option is killing the captives. Instead, you sell them, which achieves the eugenic goal behind all warfare — remove the Other from territory adjacent to your territory — without murder. Chattel slavery was the result of liberalization which ended feudalism, in which the serfs were property with certain paired duties and privileges, making them above chattel (material property) but below citizenship (participation with universal rights). In the future, we will not enslave people; we will merely exclude them from the gated communities which have the only clean air, water, and food. Beneath the nice areas of the city will be a vast human waste dump of people dying from tumors, diabetes, NAFLD, and AIDS.

  • Chess’s cheating crisis: ‘paranoia has become the culture’

    Without a significant culture change, most say, the cheats are unlikely to go straight.

    Diversity replaced culture. What we have now emphasizes the individual against other individuals and groups. If you do not cheat, the other guy probably will, so might as well win one for yourself and your group by using whatever means you find at your disposal; there is no culture to shame you, so the only penalties are those imposed by others if you get caught. Welcome to the amoral, structureless, directionless “meritocracy” created by diversity.

  • Macron calls Paris beheading ‘Islamist terrorist attack’

    The victim is said to have shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils. The attacker was shot dead by police.

    The deflection is that this is organized terror; the reality informs us that this was a clash of cultures within the diverse society of France. Diversity never works. It means only that the different groups fight each other for control of the society, not that people coexist in an idyllic Utopian future. The West is leaving behind diversity, as we can see from the fact that Macron admitted Islam was connected to this event. Normally, world leaders stress that such events are mental health issues, not clash of civilizations outbreaks.


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