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How The Left Hopes To Win This Election

The Left specializes in terrorism, so it should not surprise us that they have created a fake panic in order to impoverish their voters and induce in them a panic for change:

The data also show that of the 10 states with the lowest rates of unemployment, nine have GOP governors (the lone exception being Montana), while 9 of the 10 states with the highest rates of unemployment are led by Democrats (the lone exception being Massachusetts).

Evidence suggests the disparity stems in large part from the different ways states are approaching the coronavirus. Red states, particularly ones like South Dakota, Utah, Oklahoma, and Idaho, have been much less inclined to restrict economic freedom during the pandemic.

Leftist states cracked down on COVID-19 with quarantines, lockdowns, mask orders, the Soviet-sounding “social distancing,” and bans on all events. More conservative areas locked down less, allowing their economies to behave more like that of Sweden, which is doing better than its neighbors.

This has created panic among the Leftist voters since they are nearing the breaking point, and they are expected to blame Trump for reasons unknown. This sets up the usual insoluble clash: people whose prosperity depends on retaining Trump versus those who believe their prosperity depends on deposing him.

In another area, the Left has also set up a collision between two groups in order to radicalize voters. Twitter and Facebook censored an article describing the corruption of the Biden crime family, causing a backlash against social media which made it clear that a Trump win will mean the smashing of Big Tech:

According to Zignal Labs, a media intelligence firm, shares of the Post article “nearly doubled” after Twitter started suppressing it. The poorly-thought-through ban triggered the so-called Streisand Effect and helped turn a sketchy article into a must-share blockbuster. And then on Friday, the Republican National Committee filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Twitter, claiming that the ban “amounts to an illegal corporate in-kind political contribution to the Biden campaign.”

This means that to Leftists, the Right has been revealed as the source that will take away their Twitter or Facebook, or at least change it. That, too, polarizes voters and makes them into zombie raging for their side of the debate.

By coming down hard on a legitimate article, and having JournoList-style consensus in media that the article is poorly-sourced or dubious, the Left has ensured a Right-wing reaction against Big Tech. This allows Big Tech to play the victim, as Leftists always do.

In yet another area, the Left has also brought about a collision, namely the reduction of American wealth that will follow a Biden win:

Overall, the authors estimate that the Biden agenda, if fully implemented, would reduce full-time equivalent employment per person by about 3%, the capital stock per person by some 15%, and real GDP per capita by more than 8%. Compared to Congressional Budget Office estimates for these variables in 2030, this means there would be 4.9 million fewer working Americans, $2.6 trillion less in GDP, and $6,500 less in median household income.

What does this do? It pits the working, wealth-generating people against those who are (1) employed by government or (2) dependent on government benefits. Money taken from the wealth-generators pays for the wealth-absorbers, so this plan is a gift to them.

On the other hand, it promises to do what Obamacare did to the American middle class, which was to ensure that they could never get off the treadmill. People were working multiple jobs, canceling vacations, and avoiding big purchases so that they could keep subsidizing the bureaucrats, heroin hipsters, illegal aliens, and permanent underclass Appalachians and minorities that government uses to justify its “anti-poverty” programs.

With Bidenomics, the spare wealth will go away by not being generated and with anything that is generated being taxed to heck and gone. We are going to see the black market re-appear, which is handy for me since it means renovations done at half cost for cash and no tax reporting. But I digress.

This monetary loss will not bother those who live by benefits. Those working for the government, for example, will get the same salary, and those who are “poor” and paid in cash like maids, lawn service, meat packers, and day labor will keep using the free schools, school lunches, welfare, section 8 housing, and medical care from which they receive a lot more than $6500 in savings.

In this way, the Left has set up two groups: the benefactors of taxes, who want Biden, and the creators of wealth, who want Trump so that they can retain enough of that wealth to enjoy their lives. Biden promises revenge, above all else: crush Whitey with taxes and jail him if he refuses.

Trump, on the other hand, points out that if we create more wealth, none of those public services will be needed because we will have WW2 levels of economic opportunity. Anyone who can hold a hammer will make out like a bandit.

Either way, this election ends America. The Left has unclean hands because of the vote-fiddling and censorship leading up into the election, which means that no win they could have would be credible, especially with these unlikable and mentally absent candidates.

If Trump wins, on the other hand, the Left will experience mass disenfranchisement. They will lose their chance to seize permanent control of a one-party state through Demographic Replacement, there will be an exodus of third world people as benefits collapse, and government will be reduced in size.

This means that no matter what happens, we are facing a terminal breakdown of the American system worse than what happened in the 1960s; indeed, this time around, we will be looking toward escape from the system if the other side wins, which will fragment the USA more like the 1860s.

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