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What Bryan Caplan of Econlib fears you will read

Not to make too fine a point of it, but Bryan Caplan over at Econlib has removed this comment — from a blog post about why Steve Sailer’s refusal to denounce eugenics is scary — as “irrelevant”:

Why the fear of eugenics?

Most fears are unfounded:

As anyone who has raised animals or maintained a garden knows, some are stronger specimens than others. These are the ones you want to breed to improve overall quality.

The liberal notion of egalitarianism clashes with this with its view that people are each special snowflakes and all are important. The reality shows us that this produces a disaster where the crass, idiotic and criminal prevail over higher types.

Some fears are founded:

Eugenics as administered by government seems like a bureaucratic disaster.

The Nazis extended their eugenic program past its workable point [which was] Aktion T4 (retards) and its sterilization of criminals and perverts, and confused it with another doctrine, which is nationalism. We wouldn’t demonize them today if they’d simply deported Jews, Gypsys, et al. to their native lands and relegated homosexuals to a German version of Christopher Street.

The natural order of humanity is that the best rise, the bad are banished, and the mediocre get no help. This is compatible with both natural selection and common sense.

State-administered policy, however, is probably incompatible with both.

This is just here to remind you of the truth that we must observe:

Libertarians = Liberals

Their “hands off” approach to government involves economic and social control instead of direct use of power, but it ends up with the same result.

Caplan is a typical libertarian in that while he likes to advocate for a world beyond government, he creates a replica enforcing the same.

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