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Western Civilization After Late Stage Democracy

The crises of the past couple years — COVID-19, Ukraine, Great Depression II, stolen election 2020, Taiwan, Jan 6, BLM riots — reflect a situation typical of Late Stage Democracy.

Early societies focus on objectives. When they achieve those, they bloat, and start focusing on “managing” themselves rather than rising to meet some goal. Consequently, the eggheads take over and find ways to manipulate and control the population by restricting behavior to certain methods.

This is disguised pacifism. It says basically that we stop people from clobbering each other over what may be right, and instead make “right” mean “keeping the peace,” or in other words, avoiding conflict. Real issues go unaddressed as a result, and society starts chasing hobgoblins instead.

After this goes on for a couple centuries, the society is wrecked. It convinced its intelligent not to breed or taxed them into oblivion; its idiots, dependent on The System, surged in number. This places it into the role of kindergarten teacher, keeping the fools in line with carrot and stick.

By the time you get to Late Stage Democracy, the mask is off. The leaders want to keep their citizens in a state of fear in order to achieve obedience, but even more, unity. The citizens have little in common since they are all controlled by a System and therefore blame it for any negatives.

As long as your people remain in terror of poverty, enemies, and crime, you can get away with just about anything. However, nature hates a static state, so this too changes, and eventually, the attempts at controlling them start to invert just as society was inverted long ago.

That inversion, by the way, means moving from a morality of realism, where the good means good results in reality, to a morality of utilitarianism, where the good means lack of conflict because that keeps the group together by inducing a pleasant, opiate-like state of pacifism and blithe oblivion.

The new inversion consists in people seeing that the forces controlling them are in fact unnecessary at least to the degree that they are practiced. We need some leadership, not management of our everyday lives. We need to earn a living, but not the red tape heavy obedience-oriented “job.”

As the Ancients noted, every early Late Stage Democracy uses diversity because that creates a voting population which permanently turns against the majority. Diversity is destruction of the power of the majority.

In the current year, even the slowest of the burger-munchers are starting to figure out that something is not wrong in the sense of an “issue,” or part of the system, but at the core of the whole. It is corrupt and rotten, and so the usual gibberish about Satan, Jews, Illuminati, and Bilderbergers appears.

What few consider is that the System is powered by that original inversion, or the assumption that we need to regulate method in order to enforce mental state, and that since we all pursue that ideal as a “good,” we enforce the tyranny on ourselves. The problem is us.

Instead of accepting that most of us make terrible decisions and that we should look toward the wisest among us for leadership, the product of such a System argues in favor of himself. He wants more rights, more free stuff, and a strong government to whack down the people who he thinks oppose him.

He could solve his problems very quickly this way, but instead of admitting humility (to man; to God he has no problem being humble, mainly because like Adam he thinks he can deceive God) he rages on about what he wants and how someone else should do it and pay for it.

Such is the nature of an inverted people.

The cracks that are busily appearing in the dominant paradigm reflect our day-to-day life because people focus on that more than airy theory. People stayed home from their jobs, and realized a lot of things in consequence.

First, they saw that most of what they do in the office is nonsense busywork and make-work designed to make their bosses look good, because the boss wants to rise in her career and not stagnate, since stagnation translates to getting washed out eventually.

Second, they realized that they like their own company better than being out in a crowd of people, especially the diversity and assorted lunatics piled up by centuries of dysgenics. Whether Nazis, Antifa, Redditors, bluehairs, religious fanatics, or Libertarians, the insanity is out there.

Finally, they figured out that what is actually required of them is relatively little and they do better working on an ends-over-means basis. That is: if given a task, they accomplish it by whatever methods work for them, instead of following procedure, schedule, and other red tape administrative activities.

In other words, people are seeing that jobs are jails at the same time that they are seeing how globalism has failed through supply-chain shortages and lack of oil. They are seeing government as a doddering, incompetent controller more interested in fighting itself than helping citizens.

They are also seeing how many people around them are simply parasites who live off government or airy theory. These people serve no purpose. They are in fact, like government, a source of infighting in our society.

On top of that, people are also seeing how diversity has become fatal. Most accept the Great Replacement as likely true at this point, and many more are seeing how active the racial conflict in our society has always been, something which will intensify in the future.

Even if things seem bleak, we are at a turning point. Now what we must do is push harder to subvert, sabotage, undermine, discredit, debunk, and invalidate D.E.D.S. (democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism). That, more than any tangible thing, is the source of tyrannical enslavement.

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