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  • US expands powers to deport migrants without going to court

    This flips the burden of proof onto the migrants to show that they have been here for more than two years continuously, and prevents the courts from impeding repatriations. The end result will be fewer migrants and a higher risk of getting sent back, thus higher cost, to coming here. Trump understands a good pincer strategy: raise risk/costs while reducing reward/benefit.

  • South Korea fires hundreds of warning shots at Russian military plane

    We are going to find that “globalism” was a Chinese production all along. Russian and Chinese planes flew over an island that Japan and South Korea both claim. This was designed to provoke and destabilize, mainly because the new Communist axis seems to be China, Russia, Iran, and possibly India. They are trying to provoke the West into war because its sanctions are working well; globalism was always a wealth transfer program to the third world, and now that it is ending, these countries are finding they have nothing to offer. This means that, in the grand tradition of unstable regimes, they are going to war in order to keep their people unified and afraid. Iran, for example, keeps trying to goad the West into war while China attempts to brute force its way past trade restrictions. In the meantime, China just blamed us for her problems in Hong Kong which seem to relate more to people not wanting to join China in its path to Soviet-style collapse. Ever since the days of the Clintons, the hand of China in American politics has been clear, but it seems that has been thwarted by the rise of Trump, which in turn has cut off the wealth transfer to China, and it looks like — as is the case in Russia and Iran — its economy cannot stand on its own. When it fails, and most of Asia finds itself impoverished and in the midst of resource crisis, get ready for wars where five million people rush each other on the battlefield swinging sledgehammers. Whoever kills the most people gets rice and a dried rat.

  • Courtroom chaos: Video shows judge dragged away after her own sentencing

    Tracie Hunter, who in 2010 became the first African American elected to Hamilton County’s Juvenile Court, has always insisted her prosecution was politically motivated.

  • A Democratic candidate claimed she removed 77 bullets from Pulse shooting victims. It was all a lie.

    Typical Leftist Behavior (TLB).

  • ‘Rape cases dropped’ over police phone search demands

    It turns out that when you demand to see their phones, many rape accusers simply back away and disappear. In the meantime, an actual rape victim would have no need to worry about handing over a phone.

  • Congregation walks out of service amid church sign controversy

    “America: Love It Or Leave It” sign sparks mass virtue signaling.

  • A Dallas-born citizen picked up by the Border Patrol has been detained for three weeks

    The high cost of issuing IDs to illegal aliens: having a state ID is no longer an automatic trip out of Border Patrol detention. Just deport everyone who is not ethnic Western European. Diversity has failed and we need to get past it.

  • Philippines’ Duterte Wants Death Penalty for Corruption: ‘It Is Blood That We Need to Cleanse and Rinse Away’

    Eugenics appears in public discourse again. If people who are corrupt are weak, then they need to be purged from the gene pool, argues the always-entertaining Duterte. Generally I feel this way about all criminals, schizoids, perverts, sociopaths, retards, psychopaths, neurotics, and people with lots of congenital health problems. In the future, societies will not exist for their citizens; they will exist for their civilizations, and they will ask what the use and cost of each citizen is. The types of mental, moral, and physical ruins we see staggering around like zombies in America will not be tolerated. A great flushing of the gene pool, followed by a heavy dose of chlorine, is coming. Duterte knows this and took the risk of introducing the meme early, trying to prepare his people for a time without the useless.

  • LGBT activist found murdered in St. Petersburg

    Honest conservatives favor tolerating LGBT as long as they keep their activities quiet. Instead, we have LGBT as a political force on the Left, which means that people are pushing back against the mandatory indoctrination with gay marriage, crotchless pants pride parades, and drag queen story hour. This will end with more violence than ever before against LGBT, which is unfortunate but predictable because they became allies of the international State and its agenda. That means that people who detest this agenda also now detest homosexuals and transgenders, even if having been disinterested before. We see the virtue signaling every day where people signal LGBT support as a way of saying that they are the “good people” and not those horrible inbred trailer-dwelling hicks. In the meantime, most people in the center are becoming alarmed at how dogmatic and rigid the Left has revealed itself to be, and these are the people who are going to just walk on by if they see someone carving up an LGBT activist.

  • Drug-resistant malaria parasites ‘spreading aggressively’ across south-east Asia

    Nature is getting ready to purge humans. Eight billion is too many; it would be more comfortable with under a billion. Fortunately, all of our wonder drugs are ceasing to work at the same time, so when it does come, it will not be one epidemic but ten, and we can do nothing but administer morphine and wait for the rasping, rattling end. Looks like grave digging is a growth industry of the future.

  • Trump calls victims of his racist tweets ‘racist’ in wild and unfounded attack while on way to judge’s memorial

    Most likely, Trump is merely confusing the issue, as he always does in order to keep his opponents destabilized. However, I think it is time that we stop calling the Left “racist” and start pointing out that they are crazy ideologues who want to destroy all race, culture, religion, family, heritage, and customs so that those can be replaced with Leftist ideology and total loyalty to the State! We are going to have to physically remove Leftists at some point. They are just broken people; if they were not broken before they became Leftists, even a short time trying to rationalize their beliefs will shatter their minds.

  • Two Gretna officers fired: One posted Ocasio-Cortez ‘needs a round,’ 2nd hit ‘like’ button

    Two Italians get fired for noticing that AOC is insane. She does not need a round; she needs to be deported to somewhere far away where people look and think like her.

  • Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition falls short of super-majority needed to change Japan’s constitution

    This makes it clear that supermajority is the new goal for all populist movements: we want to be able remove all the bad Leftist laws, including changes to our Constitutions, in a single motion. Then when their programs are unable to stand on their own without legal support, we can watch them fail and then cancel them, effectively removing the Leftist plague from our government.

  • Majority of Mexicans favor deporting migrants waiting to enter US

    Everybody wants the useless parasitic migrants gone. Our world has too many humans, and adding more of them means less rice and rat for everyone else, so…

  • 13 Pa. police officers to be fired over offensive Facebook posts

    There we go again in our “free” society, firing people for having opinions. Democracy does not have long left with this high degree of internal paradox.

  • Facebook’s shadowbanning process is now patented

    The new conservative filter: do not ban people, just make sure that no one sees what they are posting. This 1990s-era technology has finally made it to Facebook. That will enable people to see nothing but happy Leftist opinions. Of course, Facebook has an Achilles Heel: people only use it for the “network effects,” meaning that everyone they know is already on Facebook. The more of that drop out, the more these network effects will not be significant, spurring even more people to stop logging in. Tear down this social media!

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