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Victor Davis Hanson Comes Close To Seeing The Brutal Truth


From one of the more exciting pieces to be published at National Cuckold Digest, Victor Davis Hanson tells us all about the Clintons:

For the Clintons, power is the narcotic of being sought out, of being surrounded by retainers, of bringing enemies to heel and enticing sycophants with benefits. Liberalism and progressivism are mere social and cultural furniture, the “correct” politics of their background that one mouths and exploits to obtain and maintain political clout — and to get really, really rich without guilt or apology.

But at the same moment, he gets it horribly wrong because he fails to note the cause-and-effect relationship here.

People who seek power as a narcotic are always liberal/progressive, because to be a good grifter, you must have a product — an image — that you can sell to the unwary mark. There are a few big things that always succeed: immortal life, easy money and… oh… Utopia.

Leftism, liberalism and progressivism — at best, degrees of the same thing like the relationship between socialism to communism — are based on a single idea, “egalitarianism.” This is the belief that if we enforce equality upon the human population, we will end our internal conflict and live in paradise.

A savvy observer will note that this is basically a restatement of pacifism. If you ensure that everyone has the same amount of stuff, the reasoning goes, then they will have no reason for conflict with one another. Nevermind that most conflicts on earth occur for non-stuff related reasons like struggles for identity, doctrine and power.

Power is the motivation of Leftist desire, and what better way to mask it than behind Utopia? Carmakers sell you big trucks with the idea that you will do “hard work” with them, watery beers pitch the idea that you will be surrounded by hot babes, and Apple snidely sells computers with the implication that owning one will make you cultured, sophisticated and wiser than all those pseudo-science superstitious rednecks out there. Like those, Leftism is selling you an image to sell you a product, and the product is power, for the Leftists.

Victor Davis Hanson cucks because he assumes that the Clintons are atypical Leftists. They are not; they are the norm on the Left, which specializes in taking over wealth and seizing it, then leaving everyone else impoverished as a good con man will. Think of Venezuela, where Socialist leader Hugo Chavez died a billionaire while his country starved. Or the Soviet leaders and their luxuries in a country where people fought over beets. Or even the USA, where a third-world underclass has been imported to live in Section 8 housing and vote Democrat.

Leftists have a primitive caste system. There are “leaders,” who attention whore by being outrageous and pulling political stunts, and then “useful idiots,” who accept the leaders in the same way a consumer accepts that what is on the shelves in his grocery store are his only options. Together, they work to fleece the rest of society of its excess wealth, which goes mostly to the leaders but, as its justification, also goes to the useful idiots in what seems like a generous amount. (Later, they find out that giving everyone free money actually devalues that money, and so they need more, always more).

We must realize that our future has two branches: we can follow the realists, or we end up following the ideologues, who all tend toward Leftism because the nature of ideology — versus time-proven solutions and principles — is that it is conjectural and therefore, emotional in nature. We know what the future under ideology looks like, and it is at least more often than not the Clinton future: a few privileged elites ruling the rest of us, and bleeding us dry like the criminal parasites they are.

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