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Varg Vikernes Identifies The Enemy Within

Black metal nationalist Varg Vikernes, who offers up an ecological and cultural critique of the modern world as an existential wasteland, offers us a new video in which he describes the enemy within. Here follows a transcript:

Our enemy

Who is he?

I can talk about our biological enemy, who hates us and wants us dead…

He poisons our minds, blood, and wells.

But he is an helpless coward, imprisoned by his own greed, stupidity, and hatred.

His poison has no effect on us, if we simply REJECT IT.

This caricature of a cruel, cowardly, worthless enemy is a true enemy, but he is not our worst enemy.


If he is not, then who is?

Think about it for a few seconds…

Exactly WHY are we failing?

Why are we taking his poison so willingly?

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.”

The (((evil))) offers us poison… but why do we take it?

The (((evil))) tricked us into it, you say… but how and why did he manage to do so?

Our WORST enemy:

Our own…

  • Weakness
  • Stupidity
  • Laziness
  • Cowardice

…and most of all:


How did we come to suffer from these flaws?

  • Agriculture made us weaker and dumber.
  • Civilization accelerated this deterioration and also began removing us from Nature.
  • Christianity made us completely delusional, thinking we were above and better than Nature!
  • Capitalism made us so greedy we basically became just like (((our biological enemy)))…

The DELUSIONAL belief that we are ABOVE NATURE is what makes us take all POISON offered to us…

  • The destruction of the core tribe and family
  • The destruction of the environment for the sake of short-term profits
  • The destruction of myth and history, in favor of lie-propaganda fables.
  • The destruction of femininity in women.
  • The destruction of masculinity in men.
  • The destruction of modesty, temperance, and patience.
  • The destruction of the Traditions and our own heritage. Our ROOTS!
  • The destruction of the allodial homeland.
  • The destruction of sexual taboos.
  • The destruction of honesty, sanity, and reason.
  • The destruction of art and beauty.
  • The destruction of OURSELVES…

The modern man is so ruined that he is no longer even worthy of life — of survival.

The poison has been injected into our veins, and we are in a downward spiral.

We slowly, but surely, SELF-DESTRUCT.

WE bring this upon ourselves.

…because of the (((POISON))) and our inability to simply reject it.

Despair not though!

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Those of us with the strength, courage, will, and spirit for it…

…will persevere and stand firm through the coming Storms of Steel, Blood & Fire!

Hardship awaits us, Strife and Adversity.

But only so this can Heal us, so REJOICE!

They will restore our sub-species to its former glory!

…on the ruins and in the ashes of “our” civilization.

Embrace the Self-Destruction of Modern Man and Civilization!

It will spell the (re-)birth of something better!

Heill Óðinn!

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