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A Nationalist Solution

When a current method is doomed to failure, the reasonable thing to do is to scrap it and apply what was learned to a new path.

Nationalism requires disbanding White Nationalism and reorganizing into something more profound and effective. This requires groups to change their end goal: fighting for a White America will not work. We need to split up into different groups based upon the lines of ethnicity, religion, economic ideas, and so on. We need to work to establish our own territories, cultures, and governments as the final goal of the movement. As each group defines itself as a Nationalist entity of its own culture and territory, they do not have to compete for the same space and societal structure, thus allowing for a greater cooperation between groups as they assist each other in securing a homeland. 

This also allows for a much more defined platform to attract more supporters. Race, in itself, is not a platform.

Additionally, the Vanguardist/Conservative dichotomy needs to be dissolved, and instead, we need to engage our current situation from two fronts: working within the system, and working outside of the system. As mentioned before, working within the system isn’t to solve ALL of the our problems, but to reduce the impact of current ones, along with laying out the groundwork and creating conditions necessary for more complex solutions to be designed and effectively implemented.

In addition to reforming Conservatism via the Republican party, we should support third parties such as American Third Position and the Nationalist Party of America, as both present ideas too controversial to be discussed by the current establishment, and do so in an intelligent manner. At the very least, they’re able to help shift the direction of the political dialogue in ways the Conservative reformers currently can’t by presenting controversial ideas in a more overt manner. If they get people elected, that helps us even more.

The other part of the solution requires working on a more local/individual state level, both within and outside of the system. By its own design, our current system of government will not sustain itself much longer, nor will the global economy. We are facing both national and global situations that, if they don’t trigger a complete collapse, will at least require us to drastically change our economy and our government, along having to deal with the conflict and decay created by diversity.

We need to localize the economy of each area into a self-sustaining entity with as little dependence on foreign markets as possible, while also working to minimize the influence of the federal government on a state level, which will give each state more control over how it handles issues, thus making the break away from leftism much easier and paving the road for various Nationalisms. Working with secession movements  will also help.

We also need to engage our communities own a social level, and work to either further develop the local culture, or to reconnect it with its European origins. This provides an alternative to the individualism-fueled national culture we currently have, leading to a more distinct identity, more solidified standards and corresponding behavior, along with fulfilling the fundamental human need for belonging- something which instant gratification can never do.

As global conditions continue to deteriorate and domestic issues reveal the liberal dogma for the sham it is,  the limitations of our popularity-based government will become more visible to the population as a whole,  further turning the odds to our favor. America will split apart into several nations, and each will develop in accordance with their culture. Non-white Nationalist  groups will establish their own separate spaces, and liberals will have their own multiracial “feel-good” cultureless nations which will likely degenerate into directionless conflict, effectively soaking up the people who would otherwise work to cause us problems.

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