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Understanding The Ersatz

In our comments, some people are objecting to my attack on “religion, patriotism and hard work” as the grounds of conservatism.

They say, how can you oppose such things? They are objectively good. They must be the answer.

Some have said, well, these things are necessary, but not sufficient in and of themselves. While there is some truth to this, partial truths are deadly at a certain level of adulteration.

Here is the raw truth: humans love fake substitutes for real action.

Real action is risky. Symbolic, totemistic, token activities are painless and allow us all to just keep on truckin’ instead of taking actual direction and undertaking the risk and difficult task of fixing things.

What is our goal? Restore Western Civilization. Say this ten thousand times until it hammers into your skull. Until we do this, all that we do is lost.

How do we do that? Obviously it requires more than “religion, patriotism and hard work”… which means that religion, patriotism and hard work are substitutes for the actual solution, which means they are a defeat in that by following them, you ignore what must be done.

This is why conservatism has failed for centuries. You have been using methods instead of principles. The principle is that civilization must be healthy for the individual to be healthy, and that health comes from balance, adaptation and realism. These things require more complex methods.

See, the thing about modernity is that it assumes methods stand on their own. We say it is “right” to always cut an orange a certain way, but this misses the point, which is that we cut an orange in a certain way because we have a goal involving the utility of that orange toward some purpose, like civilization.

These ersatz substitutes lead to nothing but death. They are lies that will deceive you and redirect your energy from solutions toward rationalizations, or things that make you feel better without fixing the problem.

Our only salvation lies in restoring Western Civilization. Anything else is a fake, a substitute, a lie, a parasite and a suicidal impulse.

Wake up from the dream, focus on the reality, and get past these polemics like “religion, patriotism and hard work” that are tangential to the actual task.

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