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Typical Posturing Of A Leftist Era Now Fading

From The Sunday Times in Britain:

Our message to the merchants of death is that Britain will not be cowed and democracy will prevail. You will not have our hate, as the brave widower of the Bataclan attacks in Paris said, but there will be justice. We are stronger and better than those who seek to divide and destroy us.

Thank you for a synopsis of lies. First of all, democracy has not prevailed, but failed, and you are simply clinging to the past because you fear the future. Second, justice does not exist in this world; once a tragedy happens, there is nothing that can be done to fix it, so intelligent people — Not You — focus on avoid tragedies. Finally, there is no dichotomy between hate and love. We hate what threatens that which we love, and we love what banishes that which we hate. We are not “stronger and better” because that is merely posturing, monkeys preening and puffing their chests, since obviously in this military encounter, we lost. They do not seek to divide and destroy us but to conquer us. What a feast of lies this was.

In reality, every individual and group works in self-interest. Their goal is to oppress all other groups and take command. Only then are they safe from other groups doing the same to them. This game is the basic math of the universe and there is no escaping it. Either we defend our borders and possibly exterminate all other groups, or we are overrun by them. Islamic terrorism is 100% a consequence of diversity, or the pretense of admitting in other groups while knowing that subconsciously and in their logical minds they know they must destroy us. Islamic terrorism is just the most visible — i.e. least subtle — manifestation of this.

Yet again democracy, pacifism, equality, diversity, tolerance and feminism let us down. They will always betray us because they are manifestations of the same idea, or individualism, which is the notion that society should not have any purpose but to make each individual feel accepted, included and safe, including by paying them to live. This is the human ego out of control, blind like overeating or drug addiction, and not surprisingly, it has had terrible results. Until we remove egalitarianism and its underlying notion of individualism, our future is nothing but terrorism, decay, crime, corruption, incompetence, perversity, parasitism and failure.

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