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The Boomer generation wanted revenge against its parents, who advocated a kind of casual Communism but never really meant it, so the Me Generation called in the ticket and amplified regular impotent Leftism into a form of Full Soviet egalitarianism.

As part of this, they opposed “injustices” — any time the more intelligent suppress the less intelligent, as far as anyone can tell — including those created by colonialism, or the conquest of the third world by the West who brought them hygiene, medicine, social order and political stability.

But, as history tends to make anything into its opposite given enough time, as if following a cycle from birth to death, the anti-colonialists have become the colonizers as they seek a way to continue “if it feels good, do it” past retirement:

There’s no accurate way to measure the phenomenon, but the Social Security Administration was sending payments to 380,000 retired U.S. workers living abroad in 2014 — up 50 percent from a decade ago.

…The city of Cuenca recently conducted a census that found its municipality alone was home to almost 10,000 foreign retirees, most of them Americans from Texas and Florida.

…Because Medicare doesn’t cover most costs abroad, the Herrons, for example, were paying $84 a month to belong to the public healthcare system. When Michael, a 76-year-old retired IT worker-turned-novelist, recently ended up in the emergency room for a cardiac issue, the total bill was $133. In the past, the same procedure in the United States had been billed to his insurance company at $186,000.

In other words, people from first-world nations are invading third-world nations because of the lower costs, which are a result of not maintaining first world institutions and social order. In this sense, the first-worlders are colonialists who are taking advantage of cheap labor in the third world.

When society becomes individualistic, or dedicated to the individual human and its desires, it quickly encounters this type of “tragedy of the commons” mentality where the herd consumes anything good out of both raw need and fear that someone else will ge there since. In this case, the hypocrisy is delicious and the economic warning, dire.

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