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Twitter Continues Mass Censorship Under Guise Of Removing Automated Accounts

Twitter made itself notorious for removing conservatives, but now has found a new excuse: simply declare the accounts fake and then remove them, sort of like how Facebook removes “fake news.”

This shows how Leftist dot-coms will handle conservatives in the future. Instead of banning us for hate speech, they will accuse us of being Russian bots and remove the account.

In the meantime, Twitter is zapping as many accounts as it can, lumping in the conservatives with the bots as it enacts the greatest purge in its history:

Twitter suspended at least 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017, according to data obtained by The Associated Press. The figure highlights the company’s newly aggressive stance against malicious or suspicious accounts in the wake of Russian disinformation efforts during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

…The new figure sheds light on Twitter’s attempt to improve “information quality” on its service, its term for countering fake accounts, bots, disinformation and other malicious occurrences. Such activity was rampant on Twitter and other social-media networks during the 2016 campaign, much of it originating with the Internet Research Agency, a since-shuttered Russian “troll farm” implicated in election-disruption efforts by the U.S. special counsel and congressional investigations.

…Following the Post report, which caused Twitter’s stock to drop sharply, Segal took to Twitter to reassure investors that this number didn’t count in the company’s user metrics. “If we removed 70M accounts from our reported metrics, you would hear directly from us,” he tweeted last Monday .

This leads us to the question of why no one noticed all these accounts before, and how instrumental they were in making Twitter rise. Much as Reddit admits that it “seeded” content with fake accounts in the early days, Twitter seems to have benefited from having millions of accounts follow high-profile users.

Twitter will use this broad net to catch and remove any who are posting controversial material, and almost certainly to force conservatives to identify themselves to Twitter, information which we cannot trust not to “leak.” In the guise of helping discussion, Twitter is murdering this.

This comes on the heels of Twitter shadowbanning and then outright banning the account. They claim “automated behavior,” but this seems to be on the basis of complaints filed by Leftist users, which makes it easy to censor.

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