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Anatomy Of A Twitter Shadowban


To find out if you have a Twitter shadowban, log out of your account or open a private/incognito window (barring that, you can use an anonymizing service like Anonymouse) and go to Twitter’s Advanced Search page. Here you can see which of your comments others can view.


If you are shadowbanned, your comments will not appear in searches for specific hashtags. Your first hint that you are shadowbanned occurs when you notice that only people who are following you can see your tweets, and you are getting no replies and likes from others, especially on hashtagged posts. It will look like you suddenly got unpopular, which is the point; Twitter is localizing you to your followers so that it can prevent your messages from reaching a wider audience.


Twitter shadowbans conservative content and in fact any content which the Leftist agenda. Normal cuck-RINO tweets will not upset anyone, but the SJWs who form Twitter’s censorship squad will remove anything that is politically incorrect (i.e. goes against the Cultural Marxist agenda) if they can find it.


This is a cynical move based on knowledge of Twitter’s algorithm that is meant to reduce the spread of dangerous ideas. By removing shadowbanned users from the search results, Twitter aims to prevent ordinary people from seeing non-conforming speech. This happens because the censorship team is made up of die-hard Leftists who want to advance their own agenda by depleting the reach of any alternate viewpoint.


Twitter justifies this behavior with the belief that it can revive its flagging service by removing “trolls,” a term it conveniently defines as those with un-PC perspectives. This is consistent across social media, because social media is run by Leftists as a Leftist propaganda organ.

The internet and world wide web were originally intended as a decentralized medium to avoid censorship and undue influence by special interests, but now that a handful of companies — Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit and Tumblr among them — control most of its traffic, censorship has become possible because those who are not represented on these sites have much less reach than those who are. In this way, it has reversed the original promise of the internet, and turned it into a medium as controlled as television channels.

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