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Trump: Two Years In

People try to assess Donald Trump in the wrong ways. Leftists try to view him through the lens of American neoconservatism, when he won the nomination by rejecting the usual neoconservative bleat. Conservatives attempt to view him as either the God Emperor or someone who should not rock the boat too much. Michael Anton got closest when he wrote “The Flight 93 Election”: Trump is what turns America back from the path to suicide.

Rightists know that Leftists are Captain Ahab. They would rather sink their ship and kill the crew than be proven wrong by nature. Unfortunately for them, nature is not a tangible thing, but a set of patterns that correspond to the logic of the distribution of energy. This means that if you set up your world in a pattern that is incompatible with the sum total of the patterns in nature, it fails, even if you force it to work, because it is illogical, or paradoxical we might say, in the context of the way information, energy, and matter work in our world.

As a result of their Ahab-ness, Leftists will do anything to win, and they do not care what bad things happen. For them, there is one god, Equality, and everything is a means to that end, even the lives of all of us, our civilization, and nature. They must win at all costs because they know that at some point, reality will spring up from within their little scheme and defeat it, so they need to achieve total control now before people start noticing that the gig is actually up and we are screaming into the abyss.

In order to win, the Leftists have adopted two types of fundamental transformation for America: demographics, and ideological indoctrination. The former means that they import the third world because its people are wired by genetics to always favor a system based on equal distribution with warlords in control. In poor countries, people give whatever they have to others, and so no one gains enough of anything to act toward making shared institutions, except the warlords of course, and they keep it all for themselves.

The Leftist fundamental transformation of America won bigly during the postwar years. In fact, it achieved near-total domination during the Clinton years and Obama years, and would have continued except for the hideous economic crashes that happen after eight years of Leftist demand-based economics and social engineering. We only got Trump because Obamacare so thoroughly savaged the American middle class that it was near collapse.

This means that Trump has dual missions: fix the mess, but before he fully does, stem the tide and turn history around toward a sea change of realistic thinking. If he simply fixes the mess, the Left will do what they did after Reagan, which is to claim credit for the fixes and then swoop in for eight more years of wrecking everything good so that they can replace it with Leftist-biased power structures. If he demonstrates that Rightism is a way out of our perpetual circular infighting and energy-depleting unrealistic social programs, we might even have a future as people turn away from the Left.

With this in mind, Donald Trump is not as some on the Left have surmised, the last president of America. Instead, he is its First Steward: the person who begins the long and slow but hopefully steady process of discarding utilitarian thinking and instead embracing the duality of all great thinkers, realism and a drive for excellence. This requires that like Reagan he hammer on the carcass of America to make it functional again, but even more, than he lead us in thought by showing us how to think in ways that are not tainted by the Leftist addiction to group feeling and “me first” individualism.

He has begun the process of channeling us out of modernity and onto the path of realism, after which at some distant point we end up with the society we crave, one which is probably more like a traditional society (aristocracy, tribalism, positive reward systems, hierarchical breeding) than anything in recent memory. This begins in the mind, like they say about athletics or warfare, and us finding the clear state of thinking so that we can recognize what we desire and more importantly, why it is superior to what we have.

Some will say that he has done many things wrong and a few right, and others the converse, but in fact, by his presence as the lone wolf who stood up, denied what was politically acceptable, and led us out of the fog of the Obama-Clinton years into something more like a realistic and positive view of reality, Trump has won. He is a cultural revolution that comes before the political revolution, even as he takes the first steps to fix our broken system. He cannot do it all, but through the toehold he has achieved and light of inspiration that he has spread, he is forever victorious.

Originally from Pendulum.

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