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Trump Needs To Declare A Constitutional Monarchy In America

Lots of intelligent opinions exist on this topic already, to which I would like to add as follows:
Uganda is a third world country that used to be an English protectorate. As an independent country however, Uganda is part of the Commonwealth using English electrical plugs with traffic on the left-hand side of the road.

The political spectrum in Uganda is an interesting twist to that of the West in that it is less about left or right as it is about being a Constitutional Monarchy or not. What this demonstrates is that the natural tribal desire for a monarchial type of leadership is undermined in favor of the British Monarch. Because after all, there can be only one Monarch.

But when Uganda became independent, kicking out the Queen (like Barbados did recently), it merely became part of the Commonwealth where the Queen is the boss for life. She surreptitiously denies local “monarchs” at her table and ensures that those tribal leaders are side-lined under any democratic looking system forcing them to answer to any “administrator”, “parliament” or party “system” deployed as the “people’s” representation, or any such the mob may wish.

This system deployed to deceive people to accept “democracy” while bending the knee to the Queen is inherently leftist because the Queen is not interested in assuming a peasant’s gown at night for wandering incognito amongst the people, herself. She is much too private for that and republicanism is regarded a sin in that private sphere anyway.

Clearly the British Monarch is in competition with the United Nations as well because the Commonwealth is a global body not only incorporating the law of the lands, but also the laws of the sea. But the jewel in her crown is Lord Rothschild who controls, on her behalf, the entire Bond Market as well as all Reserve Banks indirectly.

The pesky populists arising from time to time have caused the development of a standardized playbook describing a uni-party doctrine of how to manage it. Generally, the strategy is to divide-and-rule using emotional pidgin language and can help Ugandan, South African and of course American “leaders.”

This “help” has been updated recently and is now called The Great Reset. The basic idea is to open seats at the British Monarch table for President for life Xi Jinping, President for life Putin, Supreme Leader for life of Iran and maybe anticipating the Democratic Leader (for life) Joe Biden.

From above it is obvious that a conservative populist response has been and still is dead in the water – even if Trump wins in 2020. However, if Trump and the GOP were to declare a Constitutional Monarchy, things might change dramatically.

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