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Towards a Trans-National Right

We might read the cliché that the world is a changing place, meaning that culture and society are not static elements of the world, but are mutable and progressing along a future-oriented timeline. This inescapable reality determines that what culture and society look like in the future will be shaped by the foundations of the future the Right creates today.

That the world is interconnected and global networks, such as the progressive Elites maintain, is an inescapable reality of the present environment. Any movement or organization seeking social, cultural, and political change will eventually be challenged by these Progressive global networks. The global Progressive is well-financed and organized into mutually supporting networks. An axiom of network warfare is “it takes a network to defeat a network” is true, since networks permit resiliency, conditional unity, and communication.

The Right and ethno-nationalist organizations must become transnational players on the world stage, form a global, interconnected network of similar elements in order to survive global changes such as media and financial censorship inflicted by global Elites.

Rightist and ethno-nationalist movements currently developing throughout the world would make greater political gains if they were less isolated from other ethno-nationalists. The global Elites will continue their attack on Rightists and ethno-nationalists, primarily through perception shaping through media, economic sanctioning through banks, credit and online payment systems and supporting legislation with ever broadening definitions of crime and censorship — legislation that is being considered by the United Nations right now. The development of a global networked body provides a defense against these attacks and ensures our survival.

We can survive through the following:

  • Networks provide mobility and communication of ideas, news, and perspectives over a highly distributed Rightist demographic that can evade and defeat censorship and Progressive media control. A globally interconnected network of Rightists and ethno-nationalists provides resilient communications.
  • Distributed, networked, and politically reliable networks are easy to locate, difficult to destroy, provide insulation from attack and ensure the dissemination of alternative theories and ideas.
  • Interconnected groups develop inertia and sustain momentum on a larger scale more quickly than an individual group. This provides momentum in maintaining the social and political inertia developed by local Rightist groups and provides resiliency by defeating attempts to isolate local groups by interventions meant to break this momentum.
  • A trans-national network ensures that Rightist ideas have a favorable means of propagation and proliferation throughout the world, that everyone in the transnational network is aware, to some degree, of ethno-nationalist ideas in another part of the world, making censorship and media misrepresentation problematic and maintaining a challenge to Progressive narratives.
  • This trans-national movement provides a global connected, international base of popular support for Rightest and ethno-nationalist ideals. Popular support is an essential, critical element of insurgency and a mutually networked approach provides support base more quickly than individualized local groups can.
  • A transnational network is a step forward in the development of a multi-generational Rightist movement, and with this development, the Right and ethno-nationalists become a fixture of the global environment and not just another social network. We become the environment and with that, as difficult to counter as the weather and as self-creating. Multi-generational networks ensure that Rightism is a constant, future dynamic approachable by future generations seeking a way to maintain their culture and independence.

The conflict of the future will be human network against human network within a Fourth Generation environment; the early stages can be seen presently in Charlottesville and the Yellow Vest movement. It will assume an insurgency-like appearance and character. For these reasons, the anti-globalist Right must begin transforming itself into global network of mutually supporting persons and groups that communicate, organize, and challenge globalist Elites and their domestic allies.

Without such networked organization, each Rightist person or group can be easily isolated, censored and marginalized out of existence. Global development into a trans-national network can form a mutually supportive counter to intentions and machinations of the billionaire globalist Elite and ensure the survival of Rightist ideas, tradition, and culture.

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