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  • National Action trial: Nazi accused ‘told to burn evidence’

    Just to re-orient your thinking: we have gotten to the point on the “Soviet scale” where being part of a dissident group means that you are investigated, charged, and jailed. The real trial is in the media and the goal is to make sure that you never get paid more than minimum wage again. This is how the Left has managed to systematically exclude dissent that might actually challenge them, while keeping around the token dissent like Paul Ryan, Dennis Prager, the anti-abortion people, and others who do not fundamentally oppose egalitarianism.

  • Are Cambridge University students really too fragile to be exposed to new ideas?

    If you have to censor moderate Right voices like Jordan Peterson just to keep your students from panicking, then you are not a university; you are an echo chamber. Of course, that is imposed upon you by the fact that anyone who criticizes the System, as in the Soviet Union, becomes an enemy of the state and all good people want to get away from them. More likely, the parents called demanding an end to the controversy because it could affect the lifetime employment prospects of their little snowflakes.

  • Silencing Milo

    In Australia, they are afraid to let Milo Yiannopoulos into the country. He might say something that infects the population, and then they will follow him, moving away from the egalitarian universalism which our overlords want us to follow. It could even cause people to break out of the bourgeois consumerist lifestyle, and start pursuing esoteric and intangible goals like civilization, beauty, excellence, and adventure. This will break control. Therefore, one man must be excluded, because he might “corrupt the morals of youth” and bewitch everyone with his beguiling words.

  • ‘American Political Thought’ course at CU Denver removes all white men from curriculum

    Leftists want all white people and classical literature removed from the curricula at American schools not just because they want to destroy any notion of us having a common origin in Western Civilization and by implication Western European people, but also that this stuff is simply too difficult for the assembled minorities, mixed-ethnic whites, dipsomaniac cat ladies, soyboys, and celebrity admissions who got in for setting up the first transgender dance club in their small midwestern towns. Classical education is difficult; modern education all occurs on the surface. No one can misinterpret a Toni Morrison book because it is a mile wide and an inch deep; no one can misunderstand Howard Zinn since he tells you exactly what to think; no one can write the wrong thing about arbitrary and random music like hip-hop, jazz, or indie rock. It becomes convenient that the neo-Communist curriculum is both simple and offers an addictive simple view of the world, because that way you can graduate know-nothing zombies who do what they are told every time, no matter how insane it is or how insane modern life becomes.

  • Mongrel Mob Kingdom dumps Nazi ‘sieg heil’ rallying cry after Christchurch mosque shooting

    Mixed-race criminal gang decides that it has get in on that fat media attention from symbolic victories and dedicates itself to “empowering whānau, women and children.” The rest just reads like a bad Disney after-school movie script.

  • Facebook kicks three Australian anti-Islamic groups off Facebook

    People are terrified with this shooting that it will spread antipathy to Muslim immigration. This is why they worked overtime to ban the video, block the manifesto, and arrest anyone who spread them. These things are dangerous because they channel all of the general frustration with diversity and constant Muslim terrorism into an identifiable resistance, and our elites — formed of school memorizers, bureaucrats, consultants, alcoholic journalists, and most likely Chinese and Russian agitators — cannot allow a mass movement to build. They will continue destroying anyone who mentions these things until the complacency returns.

  • Mosques could be given Scottish government cash to improve security

    Everyone wants to get in on the trend. If you get your name into the news, you become famous and your career advances. If it costs the voters and has terrible results, well, that is not your problem. It is just working the system. Expect more of this as every group gets into the competition for most dramatic virtue signaling and starts wearing burqas, guarding mosques, playing loud Islamic calls to prayer, weeping, leaving flowers, writing songs, penning poems, etc.

  • Arrests over Birmingham mosque hammer attacks

    Maybe the neo-Communist Establishment has a point, since resistance seems to be spreading. They fear that it will reach a tipping point. A better resistance would be simply to mobilize resistance to diversity, and to say the only remaining and most extreme blasphemy in this time, “No One Is Equal.”

    (PDF version, 900k)

  • Video shows man slug random woman on Brooklyn street

    In the meantime, random diversity violence is commonplace in the West. What can you do about it? Maybe they will find the guy, but probably not. It is just one of those things like paying taxes, Windows 10 updates, or finding your hubcaps missing that are “part and parcel” of modern living. Anyone who vocally notices never gets a promotion again.

  • Overwhelmed ICE Facilities Forced To Release 100,000 Illegal Aliens In Past Three Months

    You should remain focused on the remote possibility of white nationalist violence so that you do not notice the steady flood of people, encouraged by American Leftist media and NGOs, that are flooding into the country for the free entitlements and easy money. Surely this will not change your life at all, just as it has changed nothing since the 1990s. Oh, wait, it wrecked everything. Well, suck it up and say nothing. People who complain about this never get invited to parties or promoted ever again. Just repeat after me: “Everything is well, we are all one, this is the best possible outcome.”

  • The gruesome trophies of a headhunting tribe that are an Oxford museum’s star attraction could be spirited away as they come under fire from protesters

    Fresh from victories in destroying Confederate statues, the pretentious mob has decided that other pieces of history are offensive, too, and want those removed. Soon all of history will be told in a single 30-minute episode of the Teletubbies, with Communism and Consumerism joining hands in the end to make a Utopia of equality, peace, and self-expression. Yay, humanity! Just kidding, we slide back into the days of subsistence living and primitive tribal warfare.

  • This is Why: Hate crimes are becoming a global crisis

    When all else fails, blame the messenger. Diversity is not working. We either admit that, face the fact that we have a problem, and change, or we focus on destroying those who notice so that we can keep living in oblivion. And the herd says… who are we kidding, the herd always eats a donut and changes the channel.

  • German prosecutors arrest 10 suspects over Islamist attack plan

    In events that are surely unrelated to our unrealistic diversity policy, there are random Islamic terror cells floating around Germany, planning total destruction. Intelligently they decided to avoid using guns alone and to use cars, since those are harder to ban. If our intelligence agencies did not bug our cellphones and internet, more of these attacks might actually happen. We wonder what will occur when encryption becomes commonplace or these cells learn to communicate without electronics. Probably a mass slaughter, but that just means more martyrs for diversity to celebrate every year on May Day.

  • Woman dies after 11-hour wait to see a doctor in New Brunswick emergency room

    Chalk up another win for socialized medicine. Hopefully we will get socialized burial next, so that when you die waiting for emergency care, you get a total bill of $12 for your pine box and headstone. Wonder how long the waiting list for that will be.

  • Dunford Describes U.S. Great Power Competition with Russia, China

    No one really wants to admit this, but when the voters went back to sleep after the Cold War, it empowered new nations to struggle for becoming the next superpower. Not mentioned: Europe, or at least France and Germany, who want to rule the world through Leftism and wealth from all those BMWs, Nutella, and Louis Vuitton that the world keeps wolfing down.

  • Bernie Sanders and Venezuela

    Leftists were in love with Venezuela when it seemed like the new example of socialist victory, just like they were in love with Sweden and Denmark before they abandoned the Leftist ideal, and before that, with the Soviet Union until the tales of repression, murder, and genocide were just too hard to ignore. Now they are focusing instead on talking about Germany and France, both of which have gone bankrupt paying for entitlements to the point that they are importing the third world to work it and tax it to pay for benefits owed to people who were born before WW2.

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