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Thoughts On The UK Election

The recent UK election belongs to that genre of elections that could cause the holding of breath, waiting for an outcome and hoping against hope that somehow things will turn toward the sane and good much as they did in the US in 2016.

As it turns out, the UK voters delivered not just a middle finger but a fist to the Leftists who have ruled their land for recent memory, demanding that “the System” not be able to suspend the Brexit that was mandated by an election way back in 2016.

In the bigger picture, however, this election means more than a commitment to Brexit or swinging the country back to the Right. It consists of three Recognitions that are happening now just in the UK, but across the West:

  1. From Want To Need

    Society since The Enlightenment™ has been based upon want, or the desires of the individual in the quest for existential fulfillment, since dying societies cannot deliver any semblance of that. Although these are futile quests, the keep people “happy” in a utilitarian sense.

    We built societies based on want because we considered the human individual the new measure of all things, replacing divine and natural orders. This created a system where people assumed that wealth, social stability, and normalcy were perpetual and required no investment by the individual.

    This trend peaked in Leftism, which entirely focuses on what most individuals want to believe will make them happy (utilitarianism) and therefore, drew away from “what time has shown to work” and into the realm of conjectural ideas promising a “better life.”

    As of a few years back, the postwar wealth boom ended, as did the colonial boom, and even the various boosts given to us by technology and industry. Now we are no longer in the time of want; we are in a time of wondering what we actually need.

    Future humans will breed themselves to include only such genes as favor those who always pay attention to need and not to want. After all, much neurosis and existential stress arises from paralyzed analytical capabilities as we try to figure out which pair of shoes to buy.

    Our civilizations are no longer assured. In fact, they are in danger. The voters have switched from “what do you want?” to “how do we save what is left?” and in doing so, have rejected the Utopian conjectures of the Left.

    Even more, they have asserted that the civilization has a higher priority than individuals or special interest groups. Much as during the massive wars, civilization must unite on its self-preservation, and that requires it to understand itself as a unified, similar group.

  2. Giving Up On “Coexistence”

    During the 1990s, one popular idea came about through the notion of “coexistence.” In this notion, you could live around people who were totally not like you and enjoy the variety, and somehow it never caused conflict despite you wanting different things.

    This follows the libertarian or classical liberal notion, which is that people can unite on the idea that every individual has freedom. In reality, that only fools people from already wealthy and established groups; everyone else wants to assert the power of their group.

    After all, when you deal with reality instead of shuffling paper to sell junk to clueless consumers, you realize that having your tribe intact, strong, and ready to defend you is imperative. Even wealthy societies get there when they finally see threats to their existences.

    Since seventy-five years of Leftism has brought increasing social breakdown, we are now at the point where we must fight for our civilization so that we can survive. In the UK, this means fighting for a unified society, not many special interest groups warring it out over who gets the money.

    It turns out that diversity cannot work; coexistence is a lie. Each group does what it is programmed by nature to do and what benefits it, and this throws the groups into conflict, no matter how “nice” and well-intentioned everyone is.

    Instead of trying to shoehorn diversity into society, the UK voters opted out of the death cult. They have slammed down a huge fist that says WE ARE BRITISH and have rejected the idea that citizenship is merely the area code of where you are staying.

    Normally, in democracy, since it is based on egalitarianism, whoever has more victimhood points wins out because the goal of that society is to make everyone equal, which requires raising up victims with subsidies. For this reason, societies defer to minorities.

    With Brexit and TrumpWave, that idea has been rejected. Perhaps their need is greater than ours, but our need is important too, and since it concerns our survival, we are going to prioritize it ahead of their needs if we consider their needs at all.

    We must survive. It is no longer a question of coexistence, but of existence. This means that all of those who are not-Us must step aside, and we will make sure that we survive. There must be an existence of Us and a future for Our children, and nothing else matters.

  3. The American Dream

    Leftism killed something like “the American Dream” that every society has. This is not purely financial. It means the ability to be (mostly) good, contribute to a civilization, and in reward get a normal nuclear family with wife and kids in a little tidy house in a pleasant place where you know everyone by their first name and you can trust most people.

    Diversity, class warfare, and consumerism crush this dead by making us a society geared toward money. Ironically, being anti-poverty makes us see everything through the lens of money, at which point we become horrors.

    We are tired of living in a society where we are only fiscal units. We want civilization again, with culture and people of the same blood, and customs and social order. We want to live well, not just live so that we can further push ourselves toward “equality.”

    In the UK, people noticed that the dream died when their traditional communities died. They want it back, or even the frayed remnants of it that we have in the 1980s before the Clintons took over. This requires that we stop doing Leftist things, and start doing what we need.

Conventional wisdom says that normal people do not vote for conservatives because the conservatives are racist, elitist, and unconcerned with the suffering of the little guy.

In reality, people are learning to like the honesty about social class that the conservatives have, instead of skateboarding presidential candidates and prime ministers who do not know the price of milk.

People are tired of being called “racist” and having that be the magic word that forces them to give up everything they have. If we are going to be called racist, we might as well act for our own racial and ethnic group since we will be accused of it anyway, and have more to gain this way.

To address the little guy, we need to drop the cost of living and increase the stability and order experienced by the average person; we need to rebuild community. You cannot have that with socialist-style entitlements programs.

As has been said before, a wave of change is upon us. The Left will not see it coming because they have edited out of their minds anything but Leftist ideological descriptions of the world. However, we saw again how strong this wave will be when it hits with the recent UK elections.

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