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News (February 9, 2021)


  • Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory

    What else did he think “equality” meant? Everyone at the same level. Egalitarians view differences in natural talents as a negative that must be overcome. That means that they reduce the level of performance until everyone feels happy because they will never be revealed as mediocre. However, that means civilizational mediocrity.

  • Common asthma treatment reduces need for hospitalisation in COVID-19 patients, study suggests

    One of our doctors here locally, who treats a friend of a friend, recommended a regimen of zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and one of these inhalers. Apparently it keeps the disease from spiraling out of control. Perhaps we have panicked over this disease because we know, in our hearts, that our civilization has fallen and we are weak.

  • Coronavirus: Bat virus hunters find new evidence

    It looks like viruses similar to COVID-19 have been floating around Asia in bats for some time. If we did not have Big Media, Democrats, and China to fan the flames of panic, would we ever have known?

  • COVID may have taken ‘convoluted path’ to Wuhan, WHO team leader says

    The WHO parrots the Chinese line on this virus, even though samples of the virus were found in bat guano back in 2012. It seems that all of our institutions are compromised through self-interest, because in a diverse society wracked by class warfare, no one has allegiance to anything except making their pile and escaping.

  • West Must Solve ‘Demographic Crisis’ or ‘Europe Will Be Lost’ – Hungary Govt

    We all focus too much on the how, not enough on the why. Why is the West having a demographic crisis? Perhaps it is a dying civilization that taxes its most productive too much in order to feed the clueless, and so the best people breed less. Taxes seem to be a weapon of genocide.

  • Unity on civil war: Both sides see US ‘headed for bloodshed’

    It turns out that when you have a dubious election that reverses the count at 3:00 AM and then everyone is so invested in the denialism pretense that no one will seriously look into the allegations, people realize that their government is no longer functional and prepare to overthrow it.

  • Fossil fuel air pollution causes nearly 1 in 5 deaths worldwide each year, research shows

    Modernity is killing us. They will sell us air and water filters until we are living in such a dystopian wasteland that we need them. Is this capitalism? No, it is what happens when egalitarianism takes over, and people insist on welfare and immigration until the population grows far too large and pollutes everything.

  • The Reichstag Fire of the Democrats

    It has become obvious that Democrats staged the Capitol revolt in order to have an excuse to persecute conservatives, probably by having too few police present and encouraging the rioters to enter the building. These people are tyrants, and too many are too slow in realizing this. Then again, that tells us all that we need to know about democracy.

  • Immigrants and Their Children Shift Toward Center-Right in Germany

    “Center-Right” at this point means 1960s far-Left. The diversity supports whatever keeps the benefits coming while weakening the former majority. They have no other choice, unless they want to remain conquered. Diversity has failed in all of our hearts, but it continues because the systems in our nations have run out of money, and they need more people to tax to pay for all the vote-buying freebies they have already given out.

  • US deploying B-1 bombers to Norway to send a message to Russia

    Everyone in Washington is an actor, mimicking the past in order to convince people that things are in hand and we are winning at something. In reality, Biden has chosen Russia as a convenient scapegoat upon which he intends to blame all of the problems created by Democrat policies.

  • Doctoral programs across U.S. undergo much-needed halt in admissions

    When your civilization dies, you sell it off piecemeal, usually in terms of real estate and college degrees. This tells us that we are living on the inventions and wealth of the past, producing nothing new, and soon to vanish with an unheard loud sucking sound.

  • Cuba opens up its economy to private businesses

    As the West moves toward Communism, the Communists move toward capitalism. The bipartisan compromise in the middle will be market socialism, as China has pioneered, but this will turn out to be as moribund as socialism, as we can see from the Western republics that bankrupted themselves with diversity and entitlements.

  • Rigging the Election for China and Profit

    Business, media, academia, and the bureaucracy all want to surrender to China because each person in those institutions will benefit, or at least sees huge profits in the market of 1.5bn people. Consequently, they stole an election and implemented a censorship campaign.

  • GameStop Isn’t a Popular Uprising

    It turns out that the much-discussed “Reddit uprising” against GameStop was in fact driven by hedge funds, who made up the bulk of the 682 million shares sold. Some guy on Reddit just figured out how to get his internet friends to buy in and make him rich when he sold the next day, but the hedge fund guys walked away with tens if not hundreds of millions.

  • Chinese users flock to U.S. chat app Clubhouse, evading censors

    China has since banned Clubhouse. It becomes clear why they want to take over the USA, which is a last bastion of freedom in a world increasingly dominated by tyrants as the market socialist system winds down and democracy collapses.

  • Highly Educated People More Likely to Fall For QAnon’s Conspiracy Theories

    Conspiracy theories are stories which connect the dots between events that we know are important, but owing to the relevant data being locked behind the bureaucracy, cannot understand. Everyone wants to find a narrative that makes sense because nothing does, except of course that Chinese Communists and American Communists united to help Communism take over the world, of course.

  • Human activity threatens species survival: study

    75% of land and 40% of oceans have been significantly degraded. What did this, we might ask? It turns out that it gets worse as our population increases, but this hides behind increasing technology, so we blame technology instead of stopping the human overgrowth.

  • Schizophrenia is 2nd highest risk factor for dying of COVID-19, after age

    Paranoid people seem to buy into the pandemic panic more than others and consequently, are 2.7 times more likely to die of it than regular people.

  • ‘Communist Manifesto’ among Top 10 texts assigned at Ivy League and top public colleges, survey finds

    In a diverse society, people turn to Leftism for the same reason that others turn to conspiracy theories: it explains the situation to them in a way that they can understand. Over the past century, Americans have increasingly turned to Leftism as a way to stay in denial about the fatal problems of democracy, diversity, equality, and socialism (D.E.D.S.).

  • As France abandons its bid to create a Covid jab, how the home of modern vaccination is lamenting a symbolic sign of its scientific decline

    It turns out that diversity means high taxes, which means fewer smart people, which means that soon everyone is useless and you cannot achieve anything. We have to find a way out of the diversity trap.

  • China Has Stolen The Personal Data Of 80% Of American Adults: Report

    In the West, nothing is serious. You can demand Communism or live any kind of nutcase lifestyle you want, but as long as you have a job and a grocery store, life continues as normal. China on the other hand is deadly serious, since it is balanced between world takeover and the impending collapse of its own system. These people mean business, but in a democracy, everyone is in la-la land.

  • New chart shows China could overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy earlier than expected

    China bought Western intellectuals, politicians, businesspeople, and media superstars. Then it engineered a panic, stole an election, and fomented race riots across the country. This has ended the American economy, which is why crazy Zhou Bai-Deng is rushing to implement as much Communism as he can before the Great Depression The Second arrives, America defaults on its currency with $30tn in debt, and all those nice “altruistic” leaders flee to Switzerland.

  • The association of fluoride in drinking water with serum calcium, vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in pregnant women and newborn infants

    Maybe the conspiracy theorists of yesterday were right about fluoride in the drinking water after all, since it seems to deplete Vitamin D and Calcium, making people more vulnerable to osteoporosis and flu-style infections like COVID-19.

  • Japanese people may have gained longevity by balancing their diets

    Japan’s rate of strokes fell during a period when it began eating a bit of meat. It turns out that our traditional diets, like everything else traditional, were based on what worked. Our ideological diets — bugs, veganism, carbohydrates, soy — seem to be killing us, just like the ideology is.

  • White rage won’t just go away

    Do Whites (EWENCDs) fear multicultural democracy? They should, since it intends to kill them off. Slowly people are realizing that diversity means racism and genocide. Whites saw it as a way to share prosperity, but now the diversity wants to conquer and destroy Whites. The resulting holocaust will be self-defense.

  • Facts don’t convince people in political arguments. Here’s what does.

    People respond to stories. Most of them cannot understand the politics, legal systems, or economic forces involved anyway. The simplest, strongest story wins, even if it is a lie, or in fact, especially if it is a lie, because that allows people to go back to the Benedict Option: piling up their own wealth, pursuing their own pleasures, and ignoring the decline of their civilization.

  • Louisiana cemetery ‘sorry’ after denying officer burial ‘because he is black’

    Whites can have nothing; minority groups get everything. Obviously this will end badly because more than an over-correction, it is a form of attempted genocide, yet just like with the stolen election, no one official will come close to admitting that. This pattern of behavior forces us into conditions where violence becomes inevitable.

  • Paying Lip Service to Science

    The people who understand science the least tend to be its most fervent advocates, at least unless you are talking about differences in IQ between social classes, sexes, and races. To them, science is magic, and they worship the magic, because since it is tangible (an idol) they feel they have power over it, where the mystery behind actual religion — of which “magick” is one path — scares them and makes them feel small, like a night sky full of stars or an unexplored continent.

  • Rand Paul: ‘We ought to impeach’ Schumer for ‘violent rhetoric’ outside Supreme Court last year

    “We” should, Rand, but the Democrats stole too many elections. The courts will not listen, the experts will not listen, and the media will not listen. Everyone took the Chinese cash but you, and they are laughing at you for betting on hope instead of cold hard cash and a hatred for your fellow man.

  • Aldi customer yells in female worker’s face that ‘everywhere he moves there are f***ing Eastern Europeans’

    Nobody likes diversity. We all know that it is intended to replace us, and those coming here want to conquer us. We realize that it reveals that our system has rotted and is now run by bureaucrat-tyrants of such limited vision that they confine their plans to short-term profit, power, and status instead of making our nations healthy. Somehow, in the “free world,” we have no way to voice this, so the discontent just simmers.


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