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The Two Ways to Say “I’m Not Racist”

The first way to say “I’m not racist” is in deference. To do this is to fail before even starting because its defensiveness implicitly validates leftist ideology. By responding with denial, especially dramatic and indignant expressions of denial, there is an acknowledgment that the concept of racism as conceived by leftists is valid and an imperative to action.

As we known, “racism” is in essence anti-white sentiment cloaked in the garments of equality. It is an ideology that preaches white guilt and the need for a counter-offensive against white people as a collective group as retaliation for historic wrongs that they have inherited. Leftists wouldn’t express the concept in this way, but that is the common motivation for the various definitions and also the inferred meaning obtained from analyzing the way it’s used.

And if that is the meaning of the word, then how could any sane, mentally healthy person ever want to deny it?  How could anyone who thinks clearly not be in favor of the continued existence of his people? How could that in itself be something insulting to be accused of?

This has been known and written about for a long time in the Alt Right.  It’s why the typical response to hearing “I’m not racist” is to cringe.

The other way to say it is in rejection.  It is to reject the whole sham, to reject any substance of value to the concept and parent ideology, and this is made more explicit when it’s followed up with “and I’m not anti-racist.” It foils the core of the attack as it exposes the word, the social attack, like hypnotic voodoo, as only having power to the degree that its power is believed.

Since the concept of racism and its parent ideology of leftism are not founded on cogent arguments or any sort of rational basis, it is impervious and uninhibited by those defenses.  The other side of that is that such defenses are unnecessary. All that’s needed is to not take it seriously; don’t believe the voodoo, act on what is real, and laugh at their fantasy accusations.

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