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The Truth about “Multicultural” Holland (Veritas)

Geert Wilders, the controversial right-wing Dutch politician who looks like he’s just been rehearsing a perfomance of the ‘Marriage of Figaro’ and forgotten to remove his wig, says that he doesn’t want the Netherlands to be “lost”. But many non-Dutch white expats like myself, who live here, would say that the Netherlands was “lost” 20 odd years ago when it threw open its doors to a massive flood of black immigration from its former Caribbean colonies in Surinam and the Antilles.

It was in the prosperous 70s that the Dutch decided they no longer wanted to clean out their own lavatories or work for a pittance in their own restaurant kitchens, and so imported hordes of immigrants to carry out the menial low-paid jobs which they disdained to do. The Moroccans came, but so did the blacks, hundreds of thousands of them, and what is completely
overlooked in the current uproar over the murder of the physically repulsive and foul-mouthed Muslim-baiter, Theo Van Gogh, is that it is the blacks, and not the Muslims, who are almost entirely responsible for the filth, squalor and vice that now infests the main cities of the Netherlands and makes their streets unsafe for whites to walk after nightfall. It is the mostly the blacks who leech off the bloated social security budget, and it is mostly the blacks who have destroyed the traditional character of Dutch urban life.

It is not the Muslims in the Netherlands who are the ones responsible for the drug-peddling, the muggings, the illegal prostitution and the endless “shooting-parties” that are part of the daily routine here. The largest black ghetto in Europe is in the Bijlmer — euphemistically called ‘Amsterdam South-East’ — and it is virtually a no-go area for anyone who is not a Surinamer or Antillian black. A place of grim, graffiti-smeared concrete housing complexes, populated by intimidating “crews” of unemployed black youths festooned in gold chains, their fingers studded with heavy gold rings, it is notorious in the Netherlands for its rampant and ungovernable lawlessness. The main police station is considered to be a punishment posting, and for years it was an open secret that officers who had blotted their careers with some misdemeanour elsewhere in the country were sent there to purge their guilt.

Conveniently overlooked in the present debate is the fact that the Dutch are probably the most miscegenistic people in Europe. They have been systematically polluting their racial purity for years by unrestrained sexual congress with the inhabitants of their former colonies in Surinam and the Caribbean. The streets of Amsterdam and other large cities are awash with coffee-coloured half-breeds, the product of the Dutch penchant for black flesh. Not for nothing is the Dutch word for Netherlands, ‘Nederland’, often jokingly transcribed into ‘Negerland’ — Negroland.

A collective guilt over the long and profitable history of slavery in their former Caribbean colonies has given the Dutch a fatal racial blindspot when it comes to the blacks. Even Pim Fortuyn, repeatedly dubbed as a racist by his opponents both home and abroad, had at least one black as a prominent political aide and he was happy to be seen shaking hands with them in the streets.

The unadmitted truth is that the Dutch are exasperated with the Muslims in their midst because of their racial exclusivity. They will have nothing to do with the excesses of Dutch “multiculturalism” or the more extreme Dutch experiments in “tolerance” for drugs and other forms of vice.

Whatever you may think about the Muslims — and I for one am no unqualified admirer — they are not prepared to compromise with their principles and wallow in the miscegenistic swill-bin that now comprises much of the Dutch urban population. They do not intermix either socially or sexually. They keep to themselves with quiet dignity and preserve their traditions and racial
integrity. And that is what really infuriates the Dutch.

‘Veritas’ in Amsterdam


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