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The Criminalization of the Nation: on the Bankruptcy of the Liberal State (Pierre Vial, Robert Spiele, et al. / translated and with additional notes by Michael O’Meara)

Translator’s Note: The moral bankruptcy of the political system imposed on Europe in 1945 was publicly exhibited last Monday (November 9), when the Belgium state repressed the Vlaams Blok.

Like virtually every other European state, Belgium is not governed in the interest of the two nations (Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Walloonia) subject to its rule, but for the sake of big capital, America’s global market system, and its political/administrative technocracy. The Belgium state thus consistently neglects the interests of its native population, as it assaults the nation’s traditional culture and institutions, imposes an authoritarian reign of multiculturalism and political correctness, encourages a Third-World, specifically Islamic, colonization, and sustains a social system based on a money-based individualism that uproots, alienates, and denatures the individual.

The fact that 15 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall this state outlawed the country’s largest political party because it criticized the aliens overrunning Belgium makes it indisputably obvious that the existing electoral system and its ostensible “democratic” principles have become little more than a fraud. The same state, it might be recalled, played a leading role in mobilizing the European Union against Austria in 2000, when its government formed a coalition with the nationalist Freiheit party of Joerg Haider.

In face of its interdiction, the Vlaams Blok is now preparing to regroup under another political form. Whether it too will suffer a similar fate remains to be seen. But the lessons are already clear. While playing by rules stacked against it, refraining from immoderate language, and respecting the existing jerry-rigged institutions, the Vlaams Blok succeeded against all odds in reaching the Flemish people, giving voice to their needs and interests. This, indeed, was the reason it was repressed.

With this unprecedented assault on popular liberties, Europe’s democratic facade is at last beginning to crack. As other peoples organize against a state system promoting their racial-cultural-communal death, further cases of state repression are likely to follow. This will inevitably wound the nationalist movements situated on the continent’s political periphery, but it will also highlight the repressive character of the postwar liberal state and further erode its already declining legitimacy.

Once this legitimization crisis deepens, the struggle to defend the bio-cultural heritage of Europeans (in the homelands and wherever Europe’s bio-culture has established a Lebensraum) cannot but assume a revolutionary character. For whenever the state ceases to represent the nation, the nation, if it is to survive, has no recourse other than to change its political system.

Support for the persecuted Vlaams Blok, now officially designated “a criminal organization,” has poured in from nationalist organizations throughout Europe. Below are several particularly pertinent declarations by French nationalist groups expressing their solidarity with the Flemish nationalists.

The first is by Pierre Vial of the Terre et Peuple (Land and People) group, formerly of the National Front; the second is by Robert Spieler of the Alsace d’Abord (Alsace First) party, which defends the distinct Franco-Germanic culture of the Alsacians, whose experience under the French state resembles that of the Flemings in Belgium; the third is by the youth group of France’s National Front (FNJ); and the last by the recently formed Bloc Identitaire, which fights in the name of France’s and Europe’s bio-cultural identity. All these public declarations were communicated to the translator by the Information Service of Robert Steuckers’ Synergies Européennes movement.

Michael O’Meara


Total Solidarity with the Vlaams Blok
by Pierre Vial

By the seriousness, efficacy, and pugnacity of [its political campaigns], the Vlaams Blok has been an example to all who fight in defense of Europe’s identity. That it threatened the corrupt [political] System in Belgium and other European countries is indeed why it had to be killed. The fallacious pretexts [justifying the court’s ruling] haven’t fooled anyone — for the real reason for its prohibition was obviously the intense anxiety its ever growing electoral successes was provoking within the System.

To our comrades in the Vlaams Blok, whose courageous and sturdy character we well know, we extend our total solidarity and wish them the best as they grow stronger in face of the System’s inapt repression. God speed to them! They bear the aspirations of all true Europeans.

Alsace D’Abord’s Solidarity with the Vlaams Blok
by Robert Spiele

Today the Belgium state has made a historic decision to outlaw the Vlaams Blok, the largest political party in Flanders. In doing so, it joins the ranks of the French justice system, which likewise persecutes those who defend their national identities — as Alsacians, Frenchmen, and Europeans.

The Vlaams Blok’s real sin, let it be clear, was refusing to allow Flanders to be Islamicized, just as we Alsacians refuse a Muslim Alsace. In repressing it, the so-called democratic system has finally torn away the veil concealing its hostility to the awakening national identity of its people — and has done so at the very moment when other veils are threatening to destroy them.

Punished for its electoral success and its immense popularity (the Vlaams Blok received 30% of the votes in Antwerp [the largest Flemish city]), it will, under whatever new name and guise, undoubtedly continue to be legitimated at the polls by the Flemish people.

The Flemish state (pays légal) will [thus] soon again hear the voice of the Flemish nation (pays réel). For in legally repressing the Vlaams Blok, the [state’s judicial enforcers] have actually accelerated the movement to defend its national identity, a movement which continues to grow not only in Flanders, but throughout Europe. As [the French nationalist weekly] Rivarol puts it: “When the people cease to respect [the state], it will cease to obey it.” It is time now to cease obeying.

The cadre and militants of Alsace d’Abord lend their total support to the combat that is today being waged in Flanders by the popular, identitarian movement represented by the Vlaams Blok.

Because They Spoke the Truth, They Were Banned
by the FNJ (communiqué #1)

Question: Why was a Belgium party that has grown from year to year denied power?

Answer: Because they didn’t provide their supporters with enough fried potatoes? [The Flemings love them.]

No, because they were outlawed before they were able to win the right to exercise power [at the polls].

10.4% of the votes in Flanders in 1991,
17.9% in May 2003,
24.1% (close to a million) in June 2004,
26.9% of the votes predicted in the next election (according to recent surveys made by the leading Belgium newspapers and television stations).

Do you know what party this is? It’s the Vlaams Blok, Flanders’ nationalist party. Yesterday, November 9, 2004, it was judged a “criminal organization” and banned.

Created by its first president, Karel Dillen, in 1977 (who has since been succeeded by Franck Vanhecke), the Vlaams Blok has experienced a steady growth at the polls, especially in the major Flemish cities of Antwerp, Anderlecht, and Schaarbeek.

But no sooner had the secret police thought it had taken care of the problem [posed by the Vlaams Blok] than Franck Vanhecke announced that it would be reconstituted under a different name. “Today [Vanhecke said] we have been killed, but tomorrow we will rise again.”

The youth organization of the National Front (FNJ), which has had numerous relations with the youth organization of the Vlaams Blok, affirms, in the strongest possible terms, its solidarity with its friends of the Vlaams Blok, who, we are confident, will not just reconstitute their party under a different name, but eventually lead their people to a great renaissance.

Today the Vlaams Blok, Tomorrow the National Front
by the FNJ (communiqué #2)

Yesterday afternoon, the Vlaams Blok, Flanders’ nationalist party, was dissolved by the Belgium “justice” system. The official reason was the “racism” of this party, which in virtually all respects is no different than France’s National Front.

The unofficial reason: in the last election, the Vlaams Blok won 25% of the votes, becoming the largest party in Flanders. For our oh-so-democratic leaders, any vote that goes against them is unacceptable.

Solidarity with the Vlaams Blok
by Bloc Identitaire

The Europe of “human rights” has become the graveyard of freedom. Through its justice system and to the relief of its panicked political class, the Belgium state has just outlawed the Vlaams Blok.

One would think that such a ruling would provoke a massive protest from the French state, which [like the American state] is always quick to instruct far off peoples in Africa and Latin America on the virtues of democracy. But there will be no protest this time, for the Vlaams Blok’s crime was one which Marxists and globalists never pardon: the Blok was “racist.”

In a Europe opened to the four winds, deracinated, and exsanguinated, the greatest possible crime in the eyes of the rabble controlling its state system is any effort to defend a civilization and a people which has existed for millennia.

The Vlaams Blok, of course, will re-emerge under a new name and it might become a bit more circumspect in its public discourses. But this won’t matter. For the greater the repression, the more radical the evolution of the prevailing mentality.

A great historic hour has at last struck. Everywhere in Europe, broad cross sections of the population are beginning to see that “racism” and “fascism” are meaningless, opportunistic terms, whose only purpose is to wave a brown shirt before the people so as to better lead them into slavery, preventing them in this way from resisting the [Third-World] invasion of their lands.

French identitarians can be counted on to continue ringing out the liberating message of this hour.

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