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No, The Alt Right Is Not Dead — White Nationalism Is


As predicted in these pages for the past two decades, white nationalism has died because it met a mainstream version of itself which did not have the Hollywood Nazi fetishism that kept white nationalism in the shadows for years.

Many have mistaken this death as the death of the Alt Right, which is more of a meme than an actuality, but if we had to define it, could be seen as the Nietzschean realist Right. Some notable sources are already predicting its death:

Annoying the (impending) Trump Regime at this point would be pointless, so that prospect isn’t any source of leverage. The 1488 nut cases, due to their marriage of convenience with the legacy media, have the ability to define it in the public mind, so those supporters without a Nazi-fetish will gradually drift away. It’s done.

Fascism isn’t cool, and Anglosphere cultures will never find it so. In Continental Europe it’s different, but that’s a whole other topic. We’re not them, which is one of the crucial things the Alt-Right ultras won’t ever get. We’re Atlanteans. There’s expanded space for a right-populist American nationalist movement, but it won’t call itself the Alt-Right, and if it’s remotely sensible it will be pre-emptively immunized against ruinous European ideas. It will probably be far more Tea-Party flavored, though a lot tougher.

These observations are correct but do not lead where people think they will. Brexit/Trump formalized (1) paleconservatism of the “classical liberal” or libertarian variety, but also brought forth (2) an intense Social Conservative wave including traditional loci of interest such as ethnic nationalism and (3) the end of the liberal democracy winning sweep as diversity and globalization have melted down and left an economic wasteland with no discernible social order.

Most people, when they stage revolutions, make the mistake of not getting far enough from the original state which provoked their ire. That is, they recapitulate what their masters did to them, but in a new form so that it is unrecognizable. Sadly, libertarianism is another form of demotism, and while capitalism is obviously the winner over all other alternatives, it is not a system of government in itself.

We need social order. The Alt Right is stagnating because it has lost the initiative, having achieved its temporary ends (Brexit/Trump). It now needs to refocus, and the only remaining taboo is stating that we need social order instead of yet another form of slightly modified anarchy based on the modern notion of individualism with a ton of rules to keep the monkeys in line.

With Trump, as Milo Yiannopoulos says, “Daddy” has returned. The monkeys have been engaged in extended naughtiness and distraction for several centuries, but now the realism principle has returned. With Daddy back in charge — the metaphor usually used here is of a teacher returning to the classroom — the monkeys are realizing that playtime is over, and now, they want guidance, because they do not want to be blamed for what follows.

This is what it means to need social order: we want purpose, a hierarchy, and some system of values that — in the exact opposite of diversity — is particular to us and peculiar to Us. The idea of society as a machine, including Adam Smith’s invisible hand, has failed. The machine adapts to its own convenience, not our best interests, and the EU and USA have proved this is equally true in free capitalist societies as in closed Communist ones.

With this in mind, the new frontier for conservatives is standing up to demand social order including its basis in culture and values, which requires nationalism. There is no other path forward. The Alt Right is doing something useful right now which is mainstreaming white nationalism and Nazi symbolism. This is necessary because we need to part with the idea of an ultimate taboo here in the Anglo-Saxon world.

This requires accepting that Hitler was right about a lot of things, and he did wrong with others. He was right about Communism and diversity; the Allies were wrong, and became nuclear and incendiary bomb murderers for their stupidity. He was wrong about how to handle Jewish people, but no one really cares that he may have gassed gypsies and flagrant, possibly perverse homosexuals, because plenty of homosexuals made it through the war by simply being semi-discreet, including some leading Nazis. Gypsies? Since this group has continued its crime and welfare scamming ways for the past seventy years, no one really cares when they get gassed. He was right about the need for strong leadership, and good symbolism, but wrong about the “socialist” and “classless society” planks of his platform.

OK, now we have Hitler out of the way. Great. Time to move forward! No longer will it be the kiss of death to compare someone to Hitler. We can make jokes about Nazism again. The Germans and Japanese can stop feeling so bloody guilty all of the time. We can admit that it is not a problem to recognize that diversity has failed just because Hitler did the same. We can chill out about expressing our self-interest as classes, castes, ethnic groups and races, because such behavior is not just normal but the only functional option, and it has hidden for too long behind our fear of being Hitler.

This is what Richard Spencer and the Alt Right are going on about when they throw Roman salutes with Tila Tequila, or whatever happened. The Alt Right is pure provocation. Its goal is to legitimize all of the things that are made taboo by egalitarianism, as a means of creating alternatives to egalitarianism, which we know from the Greeks is a path to civilizational heat death. The Alt Right jokes about eugenics, genocide, sodomy, molestation, murder, nuclear weapons and slavery because we need to widen the window of discussion generally, not just the Overton window. We want to make realism legitimate again and waken our people from the horrible dream of The Enlightenment™ thought.

In other words, the Alt Right is finally ending the Second World War. It turns out the Allies were not right, either, so we now need something else. We know that something else cannot be Communism, National Socialism, or (now) liberal democracy. This means we must look outside of Systems, or variants of modern society, and instead renovate what it means to have a civilization on a cultural, moral and spiritual level.

Bruce Charlton gives us another piece of the puzzle, which is that we are aiming for civilization renewal by first deciding we will pursue the good, and then doing so in simultaneous parallel among religion, politics and culture. In his view, the West is turning toward the transcendentals, starting with The Good:

Being reasonable helps The System – while being un-reasonable, ceasing to fear, being uncompromising in of personal support of The Good so far as we understand it… all such helps Reality, which is divine, and operates by many, including unknown, pathways.

Also – our main ‘act’ in this world is thinking – I mean conscious thinking that comes from our real selves: that is the primary act; without which no behaviour, words, nothing can possible be of positive value.

The Alt Right is the political defense wing of The Good. It recognizes that what appears Good rarely is, and what appears Bad sometimes is in fact Good. In other words, you sometimes need to do Bad to get Good, which means that Good is a question of purpose and results instead of intent and method. Principle is important, but ends-over-means is better than means-over-ends. We must aim toward the Good and do so in a Realistic way so that we actually achieve it.

That is where the Alt Right is now. We are about to smash through the last barrier and assert the need for social conservatism at the core of what we do. Hitler stands in our way, and both helps the media by giving them some way to attack us, and helps lunatics by giving them a method to express their anti-social behavior. The only solution is to mainstream Hitler, and that is what the Alt Right is going, not trying to become white nationalism, because white nationalism has just quietly died as the mainstream absorbed it.

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