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The Return of Aristocracy

Reactionary Future writes about the inevitability of monarchy:

[T]he only possible route to any sort of sanity in political organisation is for the re-establishment of a political order which acknowledges primary property. We need to establish monarchy. Not republican monarchy, not any other sort of figure head monarchy, but an actually monarchy, because a neo-cameralist corporation model state lacks the ability and authority to implement ethical necessities, because ethics are a sub set of politics, which is another example of an area of thought that has been rendered mentally incoherent by the rejection of primary property.

Those of us who look toward the future realize that concepts have failed in a cascade. Modernity has failed, which means that democracy has failed, which in turn indicates that equality has failed, which then clarifies that individualism has failed.

Monarchy requires aristocracy, or the use of a hierarchy to rank the entire society. Every person has a rank and a position within that rank, and those of higher rank make all the decisions and everyone else lumps it, knowing that it is for their good since their decision-making capabilities are weaker.

At the top is the monarch, chosen from among the highest echelon of aristocrats. This man must demonstrate excellence, and is granted power and wealth for safekeeping as a result, not the other way around. This act preserves land, slows down the economy, and gives everyone a place where they can be competent.

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