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The prole strategy


A trick I learned from an old guy at an early job: when you approach a difficult situation, never approach slowly. Get in there, get seen, and make yourself a problem. People tend to see that you’re there, want you gone, and then deal with you. They process easier problems first. This seems to be another hole in human logic.

Dumber people take advantage of this by accident. They show up and wait. They have no plan, no forethought, and no knowledge. Except that they guess that people will take care of them to get them out of the way. They’re accustomed to those with more at stake shuffling them out of the way. They enter a BDSM-style relationship with those in power, depending on them for control and yet resenting it, so becoming even less likely to think ahead or act out of concern for others or shared goals.

With the advent of democracy, this becomes a strategy. Move somewhere, set up shop, and begin reproducing. Eventually, issues will come up for vote that are easily understood, such as: do we take money from those who have it, and give it to the rest? That will be a popular question. Many poorer faces will happily vote for the transfer of money, and those with money will lose, unless they’re so vicious that they find a way to hide it or steal it first.

The prole strategy relies on raw numbers. Quality of people is secondary. Thus poorer communities tend to be very accepting faces. Get everyone on our side that we can, and pump out the infants. Cover the streets in our people. Those in control won’t know what to do, and they can’t just ship us off somewhere, so they’ll tolerate us. And then comes the vote. Out come the smiles. Government shrugs and passes along the money. The number of producers shrinks and takers increases until you have an entire society of not very useful people.

In Israel, the Palestinians are applying the prole strategy. It has two parts: get inside Israeli territory, and start blasting out those babies. Over the generations, the demographics will shift until Israel is 51% Palestinian and 49% Jewish. Then what happens? The vote will come, money will transfer from Jews to Palestinians and perhaps Israel will even adopt Islam or Sharia law. The vote will have had it, after all.

In the United States, the Mexican indios are applying this strategy. Despite 200 years of independence, indios are still at the bottom of the social and economic hierarchy. They have not been able to displace those in control in Mexico, so instead they move across the border where the pickings are easier. Already in many cities in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, the Mexican indio vote carries the day. These communities vote themselves into apocalyptic debt to fund the wealth transfer.

In Europe, the Islamic Arab population has been waging a successful campaign for some time. It also is a two part strategy: move in and get on the dole. At that point, breed. Soon whole cities in France and Germany will go with whatever is popular among Islamic Arab and Turkish populations. If 51% of the vote can be counted on as a bloc, they will vote for their interests at the expense of the rest, who will either flee or be forced to turn to criminality.

Events probably went down the same way in ancient Rome and Greece as well. The conquerors took over new lands, and brought back labor. The labor pool which was by definition from poorer and less advanced countries had never had it so good, so they followed the same strategy. Become part of the system, then reproduce. Soon you control the vote, at least in your community, and other people have to pay for it. Growth with no purpose is the ideology of the cancer cell, it has been said, and perhaps that extends to underclasses.

The problem with these events are that they destroy indigenous populations. That destroys the values and talents upon which those governments rest. Further, these situations reverse natural selection within the indigenous population. Those who succeed are punished, but those who succeed and find a way to hide that are not, which means that criminality is rewarded and honesty punished. The population becomes bitter, and their children despair. This is the world their parents left them? They turn to suicide and vices.

In the end, no one wins. The prole population takes over, and the society they have taken over resembles the one they left, because none of their methods have changed. The original population is destroyed and replaced with a generic mix of whatever was hanging around and fornicating at the time of the takedown. A once-thriving society is brought down to the same — “equal” — level as every other human population, which is uninspiring since most human populations are at third world levels of order, learning and ability.

On the way, these prole populations will meet helpers. These are people who are self-destructive. Unlike alcoholism, this form of self-destruction is an addiction to pleasant feelings about oneself. These come from feeling that one is “helping” the “disadvantaged,” which is a euphemism for “less competent.” It starts among the disaffected rich who already hate their parents, and being higher in the hierarchy know exactly how deep the disease runs, and thus decide to destroy it out of bitterness.

These helpers form an illusion called “nice.” It is the idea that nice people will never say no to someone who just shows up and waits for others to take care of them. They explain it as pragmatism, also, as in “let’s just get these people out of line,” but what it really means is surrender. They give in to disorder out of a fear that they will not be seen as being as nice as the helpers, and thus will miss out on the social opportunities that lead to business, reproductive and community success.

How does one counter the prole strategy? Libertarians argue for freedom from government, taxes and redistribution. A better way is freedom of association. It means that the indigenous populations can withdraw and become self-supporting, and leave the new mixed population to find itself jobs, or depend on the government entirely. At that point, government collapses and the indigenous resume, as they have for centuries, the process of making a civilization that isn’t failed like almost all of the rest.

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