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The Nobel Joke Prize Honors Bob Dylan


I actually like a few Bob Dylan songs. This one always made me hum along.

IMHO, Dylan was a talented man. IMHO, he did not produce literature. Therefore, the Nobel Committee has further debauched itself by awarding Mr. DYlan, an American Folk Musician, a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday for work that the Swedish Academy described as “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” He is the first American to win the prize since Toni Morrison in 1993, and a groundbreaking choice by the Nobel committee to select the first literature laureate whose career has primarily been as a musician.

Like the New York Mets hiring former NFL QB Tim Tebow to play baseball, The Nobel Committee has gone against the purpose of their activity. They had before them 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami as an option. It has actual words. Veritable pages with paragraphs and everything. They clearly weren’t going in for plot, story arc or characterization. Soumission by Houellebecq was never under serious consideration.

We know these Nobel committees are staffed by a pack of prats. The Nobel Foundation is basically a converged institution that virtue signals so that it is allowed continued existence. We all remember what a knee-slapper they pulled by awarding Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008. They have yet to offer Hillary Rodham Clinton a Nobel Sweetness Prize. They haven’t quite worked up the nerve.

Their credibility, my friend, is blowing in the wind. It’s not the only thing here that blows. Like any other converged institution infested by the SJW sarcoma, it is now a joke with no ongoing existential purpose. It is the converged Nobel Joke Prize.

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