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The Magic of The Off Button


So it’s a dead Monday at the office. I fire up YouTube and watch the football highlights. Of course I struggle to understand all the things the announcers are saying in French. You see I no longer watch NFL Football and am watching Clermont pack down against Bordeaux Begles in TOP14 Rugby instead. (In case you want to see real athletes who tackle properly and don’t have to rest 30 seconds between each phase, here you are.)

It’s a good thing to turn off the idiot box. I cared for the yard on Saturday and ran 5 miles on Sunday. I haven’t even checked on how badly my formerly beloved Deadskins lost and quite frankly have no plans to. The NFL has turned me off and has been turned off in condign retaliation. If I ever see Tim Tebow again it will be indicative of his abilities to play baseball. You can enjoy the same liberation. And if you are a reactionary of conscience, you probably should.

You see, the cucktitude of the NFL is now complete. In a gesture that goes far beyond Middle Linebackers wiping their hands off on pink towels to raise my awareness regarding boob cancer, Roger Goodell assumed the Cuck Position. He admitted that a somewhat disgraced back-up QB wielded greater moral authority with his choice of socks than Commissioner Goodell wielded as League Commissioner.

Speaking before the Minnesota Vikings’ first regular-season game at their new stadium against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, Goodell told a group of reporters the movement from “protests to progress” is a positive sign. “As I’ve said before, I truly respect our players wanting to speak out and change the community,” Goodell said. “We don’t live in a perfect society. We want them to use that voice. And they’re moving from protests to progress and trying to make things happen in the communities. And I admire that about our players, (being) willing to do that.

This is all about social change now rather than entertainment or the pursuit of pure athletic perfection. We’ve gone from “Just win, Baby.” to “Just whinge.” So if it’s all about the social change, than it’s time to paraphrase the Nino Brown and sit Roger Goodell’s $10 butt down and make change. Here’s how you and about 2 Million of your buddies over in The Basket of Deplorables can shorten this band of social justice orcs by a head.

  1. Do not watch NFL Football. Let them market the beer and the boner pills to an audience of cat ladies.

  2. Try to avoid buying the products that identify themselves with NFL football where it is easy to do so. Don’t suffer to accomplish this. Just cut one or two of them out each. Integrate that over several million angry customers, and advertisers loyal to the NFL will suffer suffer like Target Stores have for their virtue signaling.

  3. Remember. Unlike magic minorites, none of your lives matter. Your wallets matter. Keep them closed with regards to the NFL and all of its fanboy advertisers. If your concerns are invisible to these people, your financial contributions should disappear as well.

The Cathedral Arm known as Mass Media has a weakness. Every TV device comes with a magic button that allows you to nuke these creeps. It’s known as an Off Button. It is more powerful than any media figure HollyOrc can possibly deploy. Sometimes slacking has far more power than it ever gets credit for.

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