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What crushes white people in America is low self-esteem resulting from years of cosmopolitans telling us how much cooler and hipper it is in the big cities.

Cosmopolitan elites are good at doing that because they are master manipulators. They are more socially successful, tend to be better salespersons and winners of arguments with clever language, and are well-experienced in forcing their will on other people through social means.

Cities = social, not realistic/practical like the country or the burbs. Out there, you need to show results directly, not through a long chain of people who have been conned into buying, voting or enthusiastically applauding the appearance-based idea you sold them.

Sales is, as cons are, mostly based upon appearance. You make an image in the mark’s mind that makes him think buying this watery beer really will make him be surrounded by blonde women in bikinis, or that voting for one insane proposal or another is the “right” thing to do and will make other people like and respect him.

It is not hard to hack the human mind. Most people stumble through life getting conned on a regular basis, but then rationalize it and move on. They rarely confront the method of the con and think through how to avoid having it happen again.

And so the people out in Iowa feel terrible for living in flyover country, so they start imitating the cosmopolitan elites. They adopt the same attitudes and talk about the same things. They dress the same. All of this comes from low self-confidence: they have been induced to believe their own way of life is inferior.

They are the perfect marks because they have generally not lived in these big cities and so have no idea how fake all of the promises are. They opine vociferously on ideas — like diversity, equality, and pluralism — which do not exist in their own world, all because they assume their world is bad.

Yesterday we drove through a major American city. The highway had six narrow lanes across which cars boomed at high speed, or slow speed, at random. It was lined with shops of many varieties, most of which seemed only tangentially related to the task of survival: nail salons, check cashing, home decor, gift shops, cell phone stores.

The noise and pollution was crushing. So was the passage down the freeway, which stopped every dozen miles for a car crash or traffic jam caused by people confused about which exit to take at an intersection with another freeway. Sirens cut the air and motorcycles gunned their engines.

Every single aspect of the experience seemed designed to drown out the world and replace it with human activity, noise and appearance. Any open land was filled with a shop or car dealership, and people seemed to be driving not to get somewhere, but to have something to do. All of it screamed I AM IMPORTANT at life itself.

Finally we ended up at our destination, an outer suburb that was once another town. This place is booming because people are fleeing the diversity in the city and nearer burbs. But wherever people go, they get the same texture of modern society — all those shops and car dealerships — and those hire low-priced labor. So soon, they will need to flee to another place to get the same nice life, and will leave behind another rotting multicultural ghetto.

This is the paradox described in The Wump World: modernity reflects the desires of people, but creates hell, and so they flee it to a new area, where the same desires create the same hell. The result is a stream of landfill and pollution, all for human pretense!

A better understanding is that of nature: we are not equal, and for most of us, our desires are poison. Like an addict of dangerous drugs, we can never get enough of what we desire, and it fills our time but wastes that time, so we end up circling around, seeking new highs to distract us from the failures of the old.

Perhaps it is better in Iowa. It is not as exciting as the salesmen describe the city as being, but it is saner. Cause leads to effect, and then that cause is remembered for being good or ill. People work together on real goals. It does not matter how clever you are with wordplay, only how correct your words are.

Modernity is hell and it will not end until we end it. The first step is regaining our self-confidence to speak what we know to be true, instead of what the cosmopolitan elites think is important. Those self-styled elites have no relation to reality, or really, to any of us. They are just parasites.

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