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The Inner Struggle

Everything starts with you, with an individual. This is not a philosophical thesis. It’s not a theory. It’s not something we can sit in discuss. I’m not giving you something to chew on. I’m giving you an imperative, like telling you to stand or move. If everyone who read this and agreed with the views expressed on this site proceeded to follow these steps, our decay would reverse within a decade or two, because the instructions below would spread.

To reverse the decay in the world, you have to reverse the decay in yourself. Change proceeds outward from the center. These are some simple instructions on how to pursue that course.

  1. You must meditate. It is the first step to acquiring the clarity of awareness that allows you to see the external world as it is, without socially-mandated lies and distortions fogging your judgment. Read some manuals if you must, but don’t bother following every direction to the letter, unless that particular approach works for you. The basics are simple: sit in a comfortable position where you can’t sleep, pay attention to your breathing and body, and every time your mind wanders, bring it back to the breathing. This isn’t about maintaining a pure thoughtless state for hours on end, not at first anyway. It’s about constantly bringing your mind back to the breath. You don’t win points for long periods without thought. You win points every time your mind wanders and you bring it back. Even if you’re lost in thought for nine-tenths of the sitting period and only bring your mind back once at the end, that’s a victory. Don’t give up.
  2. Bring your meditation into everyday awareness. After you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll find that the meditative state begins to appear in everyday life of its own accord, out of nowhere. With the right concentration, you can do this intentionally, bringing yourself into a constant meditative state.
  3. Now that you’re more aware, get your life in order. Focus on healthier relationships with other people, keeping your priorities straight, and getting your finances running smoothly. Mindfulness makes this possible.
  4. Simultaneously with the other three steps, pursue whatever political activism you’re best at. Don’t look at what you “like” as the goal, but rather at what you do well. If you continue to do this, you will reach your maximum efficiency in furthering the cause.
  5. As you improve, both in your activism and as a person, you’ll find that people will follow and listen to you instinctively, because they can sense that you have your act together. You may even gain some admirers, although you won’t care much for admiration as you continue to meditate.
  6. As you reach higher levels, you will find that, not only are there other people all around the world doing the same thing that you are doing, as if in synchrony with you, but that the people around you are imitating you consciously, trying to do what you’re doing. Humans are primates whose primary adaptation is their capacity to imitate what they observe around them. As you rise, you will bring others up with you. The ones who can’t rise will try to drag you down and fail.

This is the path for the individual. Do it.

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