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The hero is dead; Long live the hero

For those who value the false idea of “equality” in our society, incidents like this cause cognitive dissonance:

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said Paul Langone, 33, of Reading, heard the screams of Dr. Astrid Desrosiers on the fifth floor of an MGH office building on Staniford Street. Langone entered the doctor’s office and saw 37-year-old Reading man Jay Carciero stabbing the doctor.

Langone took out his gun, for which he has a valid license, and told Carciero to drop the knife. Carciero did not comply, and Langone shot multiple times, hitting Carciero twice, Conley said.

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Note the tone of the rest of the article, as people already look for excuses why Jay Carciero’s life should have somehow been spared, despite the object in his hand about to thrust into the neck of his own doctor once again:

Police investigated possible links between Langone and Carciero, since they both live in the same town…

Conley would not say why Langone was in the medical office to begin with, but said he was there for a legitimate reason.

Perullo said, as far as he knows, Carciero did not have a violent past.

To have a violent past, you first have to think about, and then commit, acts like this. Why not stop this person at the first incident, as Paul Langone did, rather than wait around for someone to die – or in this case, be stabbed?

gunsFact is, we can never know what is going on in the minds of the mentally ill, and with an overly burdened justice system, people who begin with lesser acts of violence or threats get off with a slap on the wrist because a judge simply doesn’t know what to do with them. This person didn’t have a violent past, but he showed what he was going to become if left without a leash.

The sad part about this story is not that one sick individual died before he was able to take the life of a doctor dedicated to helping people like him, but rather it will stink of circumstantial when the media is done with it.

If Paul Langone was carrying a weapon but, say, didn’t have a license to conceal it and it was only supposed to be in his car or house, the liberal media will talk about how Langone should hang by the balls in the town square. Sadder still, most people would eat it up. 

It’s important to stress there’s a reason we deputize qualified officers:  so they can jump in when needed, as occurred here.  Paul Langone served an important purpose but no doubt will be attacked for it.

And as sad as all of that is, therein lies the beauty for people who live in realityland: there’s no escape hatch here, no no magic trap door where we can vilify Mr. Langone.

And yet, no doubt the media and people who love its silly agenda will seek to re-examine the idea of deputizing off duty security guards.  I have no doubt the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will have politicians seeking votes by bearing down on police departments with questions like:

  • “How many of these off duty security guards are there?”
  • “Do we have anything to fear?”
  • “Can we have their names and addresses, please?”
  • “They should be wearing badges displayed on their jackets if they are going to run around like cowboys, like that Langone kid did!”

Just give it time.

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