Furthest Right

The good leader

The good leader is one who has discovered the tools necessary to lead himself.
Being well-led, he then concerns himself with providing these tools to others, that they may also lead themselves.

Leadership is necessary to men.
Their minds and bodies require direction, lest they fetch up on reefs and shoals.
The mind makes a poor leader. The body, no leader at all.

What is this quality, then, that provides good leadership to men?
The same one that guides the stars and planets through the heavens.
The natural order of things.

Heeding the natural order requires only the ability to recognize it.
To recognize anything, that thing must be perceived.
Being perceived, it may then be observed.
Being observed, it may then become a guide.
Thus guided, men may avoid straying away from the natural order.

What is this order, and why is it natural?
It has always existed, and will always exist.
Men had no hand in this, thus it may be trusted.

Man did not create the environment that sustains him.
Yet he is sustained by it.
Man may make use of it, but may not understand, or control it.
The good leader becomes part of what sustains him.

By not going against the natural order, man becomes the natural order.
Who can defy the cosmos?
Eternal, infinite, undying, limitless. Man is all these things.
The good leader reminds men of this, then stands down.

The good leader men seek, is nowhere to be found.
Not because he does not exist, but because men are unable to recognize him.
They seek someone who is able to defy the natural order.
They choose the one most likely to succeed.

The good leader is easily found.
When a man is able to know himself.
How does a man know himself?
By not gazing outward at the stars and the planets, but instead, knowing he is whatever he observes.

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