Furthest Right

The eternal cycle of race discontent

Look at history: multicultural states only occur when a civilization is about to collapse.

One race must always be the pitied, and one the pitier, until they switch roles and destroy each other.

Israel is learning this now. Once the darling of the left, they went from oppressed to oppressor as soon as a darker tribe wanted a handout and Israel wouldn’t just “be cool man” and give it to them.

Now the left hates Israel, and die-hard pro-civil-rights liberals are saying things so base and anti-Semitic they would have appalled even Hitler.

What did we learn? The lower always becomes the pitied, and is used as a weapon against others for the purposes of lowering/raising status.

Then the civilization collapses.


We see this pattern again and again.

What’s happening in Israel is, as “activists” never fail to remind us, a civil rights struggle.

In any population, the minority always creates resentment by not being with the plan and quite honestly, by threatening that plan. Then “activists” decide they can give meaning to their lives by championing the minority.

The end result is open collaboration, and covert dark and furious hatred.

The civilization begins a fatal pattern of infighting that leads to collapse.

This is how every multicultural state on earth has ended.

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