Furthest Right

They’re so simple

Look around you, and your fellow voters. They’re pretty darn simple.

For example, they thought Obama would bring hope and change… and now are disappointed. They didn’t realize the president is just the symbol, and the underlying machine that gets him elected and gets bills signed is more important.

It’s like expecting a new miller to stop the grinding noises. He can’t. Grinding is what he does, like lobbying is what a president does, and anyone who steps off that reservation is going to find themselves with none of the allies in industry, social groups, minority groups, Hollywood, and ten thousand other lobbies that they’re going to need.

For another example, they expect Israel to just “be cool man” and hand over land to Palestinians because they ask for it. Israel, being aware of history, knows it needs to eventually remove these people so Israel can be a Jewish state. Those fellow voters who are easy to fool want them to hand over whatever the Palestinians ask for, because that will keep the peace.

Keep the peace? How simple-minded. Would you rather keep the peace, or get anything done? If keeping the peace is your only goal, you will soon live in third-world squalor, because every great achievement requires disturbing those opposed to it, and they are generally opposed from the basest reasons: laziness, fear, territoriality, etc.

Look at your fellow simple-minded voters. These people do not have the knowledge or mindset to make decisions. But if you read and understood the above, you will.

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