Furthest Right

Pointing out some unpopular truths to victims

If you’re assumed to be a victim, you are supposed to talk about your victimization and make it job #1. If you’re not assumed to be a victim, and you talk in any way about the victimization of another, you’re thought to be motivated by hate because, hey, what do you have to worry about? You belly full. But what if you care about the future of your civilization because, say, you’ve got kids?

As Samuel Huntington showed us, each ethnic group prefers to associate with those who are like it — religiously, culturally, in values and in heritage.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work, for any race, no matter which races are involved. The problem isn’t blacks or whites — it’s multiculturalism.


I can’t imagine a white person putting together a blog about white racial issues and not getting called a Nazi.

Ah, it’s so easy to side with the underdog — instead of figuring out what’s right, figure out what makes you feel powerful for helping the disadvantaged.

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