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The (((Echo Chamber))) Reveals Itself


Some time ago, some alternate-right/dissident-right types began using an ASCII trope that involved putting certain names in tripe parentheses to indicate that these were Jewish voices. The mainstream of society finally discovered this and predictably, misinterpreted this.

Before I go further, it makes sense to offer the usual disclaimer with a twist: I find anti-Semitism repellent for two vital reasons:

  • It is impractical. Anti-Semitism identifies what is at most a subset of the problem we face, namely the decline of Western civilization through individualism and now Crowdism manifested in Leftism, with a scapegoat. This means that instead of attacking the actual problem, we will be fighting a phantom and even if we completely defeat it, the core of our decline will remain. The problem is us: our individualism led us down this path, and the solution is a rejection of egalitarianism, restoration of cultural standards and hierarchy, and booting from among us the thieves, liars, corrupt merchants, opportunists, jerks and morons who are blighting our society. We cannot solve this problem through purges alone, as the Communists tried to do, but by first raising standards and having a purpose, and then exiling those who do not fit that goal.
  • It is immoral. Mass murder is not an Indo-European trait, but it is a Leftist one. I appreciate the rage at living in a dying society, as I have felt it my whole life. Engaging in Holocaust 2.0, or rhetoric which will in the hands of the less-competent become that, will make us into monsters and the type of zombie robot hatred-parasites that populated the French Revolution and the Bolshevik spectrum because Leftism, as philosophy of revenge, attracts such people. We are not murderers. Placing blame for our decline at the feet of The Jews™ is not only moral cowardice for not owning up to our own failures, but will lead to the moral cowardice and third-world ethics of burning witches at the stake for our own refusal to man up and face our error.

One of our own writers, J.P. Wilkinson, fought back against this usage by generalizing it. He used the triple-parentheses to indicate any speech by members of the faux elites or “Cathedral” who make their parasitic living by parroting the dominant paradigm. In doing so, he was more consistent with the original usage.

Now let us look at the mainstream protest:

The name of the Chrome extension appears to have been intended as a reference to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jews somehow dominate the media and entertainment industries, and control them from within to the detriment of society.

…As Mic described in a separate story, the use of two or three brackets around the name of a suspected or confirmed Jewish person is called an “echo” in right-wing and anti-Semitic groups and communities online, and is a way for such groups to single out Jews in a way that doesn’t attract a lot of attention.

The original usage recognized a simple truth: every person and every ethnic group acts in self-interest, especially when claimed otherwise. For this reason, any voice outside of my tribe — Western Europeans — is to be treated with suspicion until translated from our perspective. This does not mean that all foreign voices are inherently bad. That means that flagging someone who is merely Jewish, and not both foreign (Jewish) and of the Cathedral is only scapegoating and will lead to the hateful mindset described above.

I have for over two decades written the plain truth that our problem is not other groups, but the conditions that force us together with them, namely multiculturalism and diversity (also called internationalism and globalism). These are simply bad policy. With bad policy, only one solution exists, which is to reverse that policy, which means that per nationalism, all who are not of the tribe must be deported. Israel does this where it can given the complex political environment of our time, and if they deported all Palestinians and other non-Jews tomorrow I would cheer them heartily.

I also recognize that there are many good people among other races and tribes. We should encourage the growth of these people, as they are likely to — like most Jews I have known — encourage a separation of tribes. Were Israel more stable, most American Jews would move there, but right now they see a tiny nation surrounded by enemies who are supported by the UN and Western liberals. That is a dodgy prospect. If Israel were restored to its historical borders, giving it more space, and enabled to have theater stability i.e. dominion over the crazy third-world Muslim states surrounding it, American and European Jews would likely move there voluntarily. That is a nationalist solution.

The point of using the echo parentheses is, at its core, to show that voices whose self-interest conflicts with those of my tribe are speaking as if they were from among us, when really any sane interpretation shows that they like every other population on this earth is acting in self-interest. Diversity is self-interest for liberals because it advances their class-war agenda, but it does so not only at the expense of Western Europeans, but of other groups invited here to get mulched up by the diversity miscegenation machine and spit out as generic Brazilians with no future except as third-world labor, ruled by a cynical elite who — like Jews, Italians or Eastern Europeans — represent a mostly-white, partially-Asiatic and Semitic mixed-race population.

I do not refer to the Cathedral as Brahmins because they are not Brahmins, but Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudras who have raised themselves to positions of power through commerce, which is empowered by demotism or the bulk vote of individual choices, which always favors the lower echelons of our society. Western civilization is bottom-heavy, with too many r-selected individuals overwhelming our population of K-selected individuals that made Western civilization great. In the past, through aristocracy, the K-selected kept the r-selected herd at bay, but with egalitarianism, the vote of an idiot is equal to that of a genius, and so the r-selected crowd always wins (the equivalent of “the house always wins” for gamblers).

Our only solution to this problem is to escape politics — the counting of votes, purchases and social popularity that benefits the r-selected — by restoring aristocracy, hierarchy, cultural standards and through those, a focus on quality over quantity. Quantity is always more popular; quality is the only path away from civilization extinction. This is important to the individual because civilization is the tapestry on which individuals write their deeds, and without that context to support them, anything good is lost and the transient and novelty-based triumphs and then falls into the fifteen-minutes-of-fame memory hole.

This idea is more controversial than any racism or Holocaust 2.0 jive you can cook up.

The root of anti-Semitism is a desire to create a Left for the Right, or in other words, the type of rebellion against power and authority that fuels the popularity of the Left. A scapegoat is always the most popular option because:

  • It absolves the individual of responsibility. The problem is not individual choices, as we see daily is the culprit, nor is it the tendency of groups to behave like idiots, but this strange external force which means the problem is not our fault. We do not need to change our behavior; we must only purge the Other. This type of thinking leaves bad behavior intact and compounds it with mass murder.
  • It presents a simple target. Mentally, it is far easier for us to blame some other force than it is for us to sort our own behavior into productive and unproductive categories. Crowds respond to simple targets because they are a lowest common denominator that unites the group on monkey behavior, much as we see lynchings, witch hunts, riots, pogroms, bank panics and mass delusions have been popular and powerful throughout history.
  • It unites the group on equality. An external target is a way of saying “we are all in this together” which implies equal acceptance — a liberal trope — of people despite their varying behavior. Criminals and saints alike can participate in the great Other beat-down and feel vindicated as morally good despite not having fixed their own wayward or useless behavior. This is a form of dysgenics, as it accepts the mediocre as equally important to the good.

This denialism on the Right consists of a conflation between method and goal. The Leftist method is popular and therefore easier, so the tendency is to want to adopt it without realizing that hybridizing with Leftism is like adding motor oil to your milk: any contamination, because Leftism is simpler and therefore more polarizing, takes over the whole of your agenda. It may take some time, but it does. It is worth mentioning that Leftism as a whole is a form of denialism that operates by scapegoating power so it does not have to look into the bad behavior of the citizens as a whole.

We must escape bottom-up orders like politics and replace them not with exclusively top-down orders like pure theory, but with organic growth: have a goal, reward the good and demote the bad, and let nature do her work. This is a message consistent between Darwinism, Christian morality, and pagan sensibility. It is not universal, because it is both esoteric or based on cumulative knowledge not accessible to all, and highly reliant on particularized solutions or those with uniquely adapted methods to specific situations. This is different from an ends-over-means calculus because while the ends remain more important than the means, the means must be parallel or synergistically compatible with the ends.

For this reason, I suggest we extend the echo-parenthesis indicator, as J.P. Wilkinson did, to all who are of the Cathedral or faux elites. They look like us, they walk among us… and yet, as agents of the delusion that is our enemy, they are an immediate threat. Removal (exile) of them is not a solution in itself, but eliminating their voices through shame and ostracism is a good start, and when we regain our discipline and goal, we can fix ourselves and then remove the parasites who will never do anything but act in self-interest against us.

This is separate from the reparations/repatriation idea of nationalism, which is that in every nation all of those who are not of the indigenous tribe will be relocated to their continents of origin, with mixed-race people residing in North Africa as is customary.

We call the echo by that name because the Cathedral is a giant echo chamber which parrots back to our bottom-heavy population what it wants to hear, which is that our decline as a civilization is not our fault and that the solution is to just pour on more egalitarianism, because that idea always makes a happy hive mind buzz. The echo chamber wants us to be anti-Semitic and to demand equality through ethnic unity, because then have programmed our minds with the egalitarian assumption, it will merely recreate itself and also discredit the Right.

Our goal is not to fight against things, but to fight for something: the restoration of Western civilization. This requires work done within ourselves, and when we fight scapegoats, we have effectively delegated power to the egalitarian impulse that works in the opposite direction. Thank you for listening.

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