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The buzzing of the hive

swarming_the_hiveLiberalism replaces the inner self of an individual with an Ideology. This dogma is a hybrid between religion, politics and purpose of life. It replaces both personal values and values derived from reality in itself.

Like many things modern, this Ideology is a one-stop shop. It is centralized in that it is the only values system that liberals are supposed to need. It supplants everything else and as a result is comforting. Life becomes radically simpler in the face of Ideology.

It creates the modern person by reducing all of life into a singular focus. It is also backward; no longer do your thoughts create actions that create results, but your results are required to be explained in terms of correct thought, so you act first and justify later. This is convenient, but it also exacts a mental toll.

By replacing our ability to reason forward, Ideology makes us unable to think or plan outside of the Ideology. We know how to justify, and to make sure we’re OK with the dogma, but we don’t have any long-term goals. Thus we get surface fascinations: trends of the month, fads, media panics, and worst of all, the hive buzz.

The hive buzz occurs when there are a bunch of purposeless people hanging around and an opportunity to apply the Ideology crops up. This creates an incentive to get in there and participate, because what matters is not degree of results, but that you were there and part of the crowd. This gives you a sense of purpose, for a few moments.

For a few moments. Like an addict with his needle, the purposeless ones wait for a moment when a purpose is announced. It is part of the Ideology like anything else. There is no purpose within; only political goals. When that needle slides in, they feel for a few moments like life makes sense, and they feel the power of the Ideology.

They come back hungry for more. As a result, human society forms the “hive mind,” which happens when the purposeless ones gather and find an outlet for the Ideology. They then buzz furiously because all want to participate, and in doing so, create an echo chamber that reinforces their beliefs and radicalizes them.

So it is with guns. Many people don’t understand why Americans want guns; the simple answer is that we don’t trust anyone. We know any government can become corrupt, and either wage war on us (Waco/Ruby Ridge) or roll over and let enemies invade or otherwise take over. We also know there are bad people out there and it’s unreasonable to expect police to catch them before they commit crimes. We like to be able to handle this ourselves.

The hive-mind is currently buzzing over “gun control,” which none understand. The echo chamber is mouthing things about “peace” and the simplistic rationale that if there are more guns, there will be more gun crime. Never mind that they will only be disarming the law-abiders and in effect, giving the law-breakers a leg up over them.

It is best to recognize this buzz for what it is. The echo chamber amplifies every opinion and it soon becomes extreme yes/no type stuff: all guns are bad, all abortions are good, peace is good and the army’s bad. But none of it means anything. The hive mind is not a political creation.

Instead, it is a social creation. It is lonely people finally discovering purpose and having a reason to interact with each other. It is for this reason the Ideology mercifully destroys all other forms of meaning. Like a helicopter mother, it is all there is for us. It will control everything we do, eventually.

Because it has cleared away any other meaning, most people depend on it. Without it, they are lonely and purposeless. Then the Ideology comes back and everything is OK for the next news cycle. This time we ban guns; next time, who knows? The results don’t matter, only the momentary excitement, and that fleeting sensation of meaning.

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