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The Basket of Deplorables: Realism Is Offensive To Those In Reality-Denial.


NWO/XOG zombie Manchurian candidate and Parkinson’s suffer Hillary Clinton shrilly declared, and then apologized and revoked, the sentiment that half of Donald Trump’s constituency are a “basket of deplorables,” specifically those who embrace non-Leftist thought:

Hillary Clinton took aim at supporters of Republican rival Donald Trump by saying half of them belonged in a “basket of deplorables” as people who were racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic.

But Clinton, in a statement on Saturday, walked back the remarks, saying she regretted using the word “half” and seeking to refocus on what she described as episodes of “deplorable” behavior by Trump and his campaign.

Hillary should learn from Donald: never apologize. If you are a straight shooter, you have no need to retract your statements. But if you are editorializing, and hoping you go far enough but not too far, you may have to walk it back but in doing so, admit that your words were not factual.

Let us look at these terms:

  • Racist: Recognizes that genetics are the basis of abilities and preferences, and that each group prefers its own. In addition, sees that groups have different capabilities and desires based on their own needs as encoded into their DNA.

  • Homophobic: Sees that the heterosexual family is the basis of the future of the nation, and therefore does not want to see homosexuality mainstreamed, but would prefer that it stays in the closet although its members should not be in the closet, since they need to have lives too.

  • Sexist: Recognizes the complementary roles of the sexes, and the different abilities they have. May even want to remove women from the workforce to restore livable wages and pleasant working conditions.

  • Xenophobic: Machiavellians who understand that each ethnic group, race, religion, social class and caste work in their own self-interest, which means that no two groups can occupy the same space, and that each group needs a nation that it created for itself, to rule itself, according to its own standards.

  • Islamophobic: Recognizes that, as bassist Dan Lilker said, not all Muslims are terrorists, but it seems that most terrorists are Muslims, so perhaps they should stay in their part of the middle east and the rest of us should look to our own self-interest in our own nations.

Of course she had to walk back from these terms — each one of them indicts a realist belief as some kind of horrible evil!

Clinton is following the classic Leftist playbook, which is to accuse all non-Leftists of what Leftists are guilty of. Leftists hate majority groups, institute class warfare wherever they go, try to norm deviancy and promiscuity, and deliberately import hostile groups like Muslims as a means of eliminating majorities and successful populations like Western Europeans and Jews.

In other words, the only sin for Clinton occurs when people fail to follow the reality-denying Leftist narrative. She has created the classic liberal dichotomy: people are either zombie dogmatist Leftists, or they are the enemy. This means that being non-Leftist is the same sin as being anti-Leftist.

People across the West — Europe, North America and Australia — are learning the lesson that the Greeks did, which is that any liberalism is a path toward hardcore tyrannical ideological control, ending in a state like Stalinist Russia. The only escape is to never set even a toe on that path.

Thanks to people like Hillary Clinton, America has divided itself between realists and Leftists, and the two groups are rapidly realizing they are incompatible with each other. In the struggle for this nation, none can break away from Leftism, because the mere presence of alternatives to Leftism seems to Leftists to debunk Leftism, so they will wage war against them. Non-Leftists will either dominate the Leftists, or be enslaved by them.

This means that the only solution for non-Leftists is to gain the upper hand, deport the Leftists, and resume life among the realists where we are not constantly threatened by these insane, delusional and unrealistic ideologies at every moment.

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