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The Alt Right: Revolution Against Egalitarianism


From a recent article by flaming Leftists, an insight into the Alt Right that has been provided by Amerika for some time:

In Jared Taylor’s most recent video attempting to define the Alt Right in response to the giant wave of traffic his websites had garnered, he said that while it was a range of perspectives, “They all agree about one thing: equality is a dangerous myth.”

This focus on inequality is the broadest agreed upon position in the Alt Right, where the say that egalitarian thinking is a war on the “distinction” between peoples. People are unequal as individuals within racial groups, and racial groups themselves are unequal when compared to each other. This comes down to one of the key political precepts of the movement, agreed upon no matter if they identify as Nazis, neo-monarchists, or neoreactionaries. A society is healthier when it has strict hierarchies, castes, and stratifications.

Leftism is egalitarianism. The Alt Right wants to overthrow not just Leftism but its precursor state. This requires unearthing and destroying the state that caused Leftism, and in so doing rooting out egalitarianism and its parent philosophy individualism wherever they can be found.

In the Alt Right view, genetics, not laws, determine social outcomes. For this reason, the “proposition nation” where people are unified by political and economic interests is a failure, and our desire is to achieve a nation created on the basis of genetic similarity, with internal hierarchy based on individual differences not in test-scoring but in innate ability. This opposes the entire idea of modernity, and with it, politics.

With the downfall of egalitarianism, the possibly of moving beyond the modern time becomes available. We will no longer be constrained by mass politics and the necessity of dumbing down every idea so that a herd can approve of it. We can aspire to greatness, instead of pandering to the fears and lusts of a crowd composed of individuals who know nothing higher than their own immediate sensations.

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