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The Alt Right Needs To Create A Comprehensive Platform For The Future

by Everitt Foster and Brett Stevens

One of the simplest observations that can be made about the AltRight in mid-2017 is that it has to develop more depth to avoid the fate of the libertarians. As I write this there is a bit of a crisis going on regarding the next step for the movement. Simply put, outrage culture isn’t really enough to keep anything in motion for long. The AltRight has since its inception been about explicitly white identity. In terms of policy this has translated into opposition to immigration, legal or illegal, that threatens historically white countries, including the United States.

In the last twelve months we’ve seen success in helping to get Trump elected, but we’ve also failed on the European continent three times. Over the past year we’ve lost Hofer in Austria, Wilders in the Netherlands, and most recently Le Pen in France. What these three loses have in common with our greatest victory is important. Trump was successful primarily because he tied immigration, the most important issue of our time, to jobs and the economy. In all three cases where the right was defeated at the polls we can see that all three candidates favored by the real right were defined as almost cartoon characters. Every time I heard Le Pen speak it was about immigration or her father’s comments and stances from the 1980s. Similar criticism can be and should be understood to be a reason behind the losses of Hofer and Wilders as well.

We are right now running the risk of being defined as a single issue movement, not unlike those who vote based exclusively on a candidate’s position on abortion. In an upcoming article I will address the importance of learning from the American “Know Nothing” party of the 1850s that was defined by opposition to German immigration. Short story version is that they eventually broke as slavery came to the forefront of American consciousness on the eve of the Civil War and were eventually absorbed into the Republican and Democratic parties. To avoid a similar conclusion to the AltRight we must develop a more comprehensive platform that includes tangible, winnable, short term political strategies. In other words, like Trump, the AltRight in America and the Identitarians in Europe must become three dimensional.


The opposite of single-issue groups are those with a complete plan for the future, meaning that they tie economy and jobs to more transcendent issues like identity and purpose. In addition, they are able to articulate a vision of the future they desire, the changes necessary to achieve it, and both tangible and intangible benefits for the functional and productive members of society.

Focusing on those functional and productive members of society is essential. These are the people that everyone else tries to emulate because these functional people, by virtue of being functional, tend to be productive and successful. They may not be rich, mainly because most of them want normal jobs and homes so that they can have normal lives, and they value this more than giving their souls to a quest to become wealthy. This is an existential and practical choice; those who do not become entrepreneurs or go into the professions have more time to spend with their families, and this is what most people indicate as more important than excessive financial success. This group of normal but realistic people is the target audience for anyone hoping to achieve political change in the West because this group has always been the backbone of our society, providing the competence that allows our engineering and social feats to be accomplished.

This group is most concerned about having the ability to be prosperous with the least amount of time required. If they want to spend time with their families, they need to have that time free of not just excessive hours at the job, but time spent on red tape or running around looking for new jobs as the economy implodes. This group is sensitive to transcendent issues like “I wish our society had more of an identity and a culture,” but only when these are necessary to and paired with a plan for an efficient economy that will give them more time. If your only plan is to “save the white race,” they are going to look at you cross-eyed unless there is something else in there about making us prosperous and strong.

American and European voters are skeptical of single-issue parties because these tend to be fanatics like the greens, communists or neo-Nazis. To the average voter, this fanaticism means that the person elected will follow the Napoleonic pattern, starting ideological wars and bankrupting the nation. If Hitler or Stalin came back today, they would start by talking about healthcare, jobs, growth and retirement funds.


People are frustrated and angered by the immigration crisis in Europe. I don’t have the strength to be outraged anymore. I’ve been outraged by it for years. Reading about the population problems of Europe, and the white race in general, are depressing but I just can’t bring myself to feel anything, anything at all, when I hear of the latest terror attack in Europe. I’m not saying I support “migration” from third world shit-holes to Europe, but rather that I don’t have the energy to feel anger towards the story anymore. I’ve been desensitized.

The salvation of Europe was looking rather impossible. After all, you must participate in your own rescue. The first world must begin to reevaluate their positions on Enlightenment era thinking. We must begin to reevaluate what we believe about democracy, “western values” such as liberalism, universal suffrage, teleological historiography and other ideological factors contributing to the desire of Europeans to not have children.

Then a light bulb went off as I was researching my latest book. Europe from 1300-1350 saw an absolute population decline from the Black Death, and all we got was the Renaissance. I began looking into medieval demographics with a sharper eye. Case in point, Italy in 1300 had a population of around ten million people, by 1350 the population had dipped to its lowest point in over two hundred years with just over seven million inhabitants of the peninsula. By the end of the Renaissance the population of Italy had bounced back to nearly eleven million, and despite the dysgenic effect of brother wars in the modern era, the country has seen a steady increase in population, though with a birth rate of 1.5 this will not be the case much longer. Indeed even with Italy taking in approximately 100,000 “migrants” (Can we just call them invaders now? Please?) the population will continue to shrink.

The gambit that bringing in non-whites to support the collapsing social safety nets established by western European nations in the twentieth century has failed. The incredible lack of productivity on the part of the low IQ Africans arriving daily indicates that they are simply in it for the gibs and not only will they not contribute to the retirement of the baby boomers, but they cannot do it, even if they wanted to.

Thus we can conclude that reduction in the absolute number of individuals in a society is not in and of itself harmful. It only becomes harmful when there is a deliberate attempt to replace the population of Europe through migration. The notion that the boomers will be able to retire in their sixties and live comfortably for thirty years is a farce. There is no salvation for the social welfare systems inspired by the teleological Whig and Marxist historiographies. There will be no “end of history” culminating in a society where each may have according to his need. Socialism is a failed ideology just as was mercantilism.

Immigration is a concern, but it really cannot be our only position. We must learn that the population decline can lead to great things if we are ready to scrap the failed and bloody ideologies of modernity. The AltRight has so much potential to lead the way it is really a white pill. However, this will not come unless we develop depth to our movement. We cannot afford to surround ourselves in the failed “western values” of Voltaire and Madame Guillotine. My greatest concern for us right now is that we will lose momentum, the young kids energized by the AltRight will feel jaded if we do nothing but complain. That’s all I did as a libertarian because that’s what libertarians do. Thirty five years of complaining and acting morally superior to the horseshoe theory of politics got them exactly nowhere, much like White Nationalism 1.0. What I’m saying is that we must become three dimensional if we are to retain these kids before they laps into cuckservatism or liberalism out of frustration with the AltRight.


One other thing to keep in mind is that most functional people hate modern society and want an alternative, but they have no idea what “modernity” is. They are accustomed to primitivists who conclude that our problem comes from technology. Your average normal functional person does not want to give up warm showers, modern medicine, or high-efficiency food and goods distribution platforms like large farms and Wal-marts. They may complain about these things, but these things also give them a higher standard of living, so they would never do anything to remove them. The functional people want technology without the disadvantages of the modern time.

What might these disadvantages be? Our first clue is the white people are not reproducing, with many choosing not to have children. This implies both that dealing with society is taking up too much of their time, and that they are existentially depressed. A cynical look at our cities reveals why this is so: the architecture is ugly, every open surface is covered by advertising, and people trudge to jobs with no hope of really being recognized for what they do well. Too much time is spent waiting in lines, filling out forms, shopping around for options to the inept and corrupt, working extra hours to show that you are obedient so you don’t get replaced by an H-1B visa candidate, and paying off the debt for the house that is really too big for you but it’s in a nicer neighborhood and you don’t want your kids to get raped or murdered. We have made a society that punishes its best people in order to pay for its worst, and the functional people are feeling the strain of being slaves to a tax base. Modern society has removed the joy from life.

This leads us to wonder what modern society actually is. If we take technology out of the equation, since technology seems to develop over time in the presence of intelligent people and did so even before the modern era, we see that modernity is a political construct. Relying on The Enlightenment,™ we redesigned our society around the human individual through the doctrine of “equality,” which says that every individual must be part of the group no matter how little they contribute. If you read that critically, it means that everyone shares in the wealth despite having done nothing to increase it, and that the functional people cannot eject the non-functional or assign them a lower social rank so that the bad judgment of these non-functional people does not infect society and make mediocrity and incompetence into “normal” events. When we make people equal and remove social hierarchy, there is nothing left but money to distinguish the sheep from the goats, and so people become money-crazed. This puts normal functional people into the position of defending themselves against the constant onslaught of other people who want what they have, and society works against them by taxing them and redistributing this money to those who are incapable or unwilling to contribute. If we all contribute, we have more time for our families, friends and the important things in life; if only some contribute, they get worked to death to pay for the rest, and stop having many kids because they realize these kids will have the same terrible life that their parents currently do.

If we are going to appeal to people to support radical change, our change must actually make changes that benefit the healthy and normal. One way to do that is to escape modernity entirely by denying the mental virus of equality. This requires us to really think outside of the box because everything we read, see and hear is designed to support the idea of equality as good. However, if we fail to think differently and reject equality, our philosophy becomes a variant of the status quo, and will inevitably return to the same state we are in now. This is why libertarianism and national socialism do not catch on among the normal and functional people. Despite seeming extreme, these ideologies are too close to what we already have, and so no matter how “racist” they are, they will revert back to the same mental befuddlement in which we find ourselves today.

Right now there are a lot of new participants in the Alt Right who like to think they are “edgy.” To them, the point is to be as extreme as possible, not just to open the Overton Window but to push toward a far-right solution like National Socialism. The problems with this are manifold: first, it embraces a system that has failed; second, this system has some attributes that alienate our people, like cruelty and repression; third, it is too much like contemporary European Socialism or the American hybrid system, just with racial exclusivity added. In addition, it assumes that white people want to unite under the banner of generic white, and not to maintain their own complex social structures which include different white ethnic groups, caste and class. But its real fatal flaw is that in preaching to the choir, it picks a smaller group than the audience of functional people to which it needs to appeal. People get this wrong. Twitter just fumbled this one by choosing to appeal to SJWs by censoring right-wing users as “trolls,” and it resulted in an exodus of normal people from Twitter.

With Twitter, we see the age-old truism that conventional wisdom is usually wrong. Whatever most people think is true is probably mostly a lie. The industry analysts told them that it was more important to avoid fears than it was to achieve positive goals like having interesting content. The same is true of the Alt Right. Our fear is of becoming irrelevant, so we tend to support the audience that we already have instead of the audience that we need to have. We need the normies who are also functional and leaders in their community, the type of people that others follow and imitate. Instead, we are appealing to the single-issue National Socialist types who offer no solutions for anyone experienced with European history or even common sense. Just like Twitter, who limited its audience to SJWs by driving everyone else away, the Alt Right will lose audience as it focuses on one group and ignores the bigger picture.

What the Alt Right offers is a chance to escape the entirety of modernity. Our fear with modernity is that it will never change, just churn on and on, getting slightly worse every year but never really crashing because it appeals to the lowest common denominator in all of us, buying us off with entertainment, sex, gadgets and easy jobs. A system like that seems stable, but really is parasitic. The civilization to which it is attached grows weaker by the day while its false elites grow wealthier and its people grow miserable and eventually fade away by not reproducing, then are replaced by the foreigners imported by their leaders to work, be taxed and pay for all those unaffordable social welfare programs.


Other than being based on something other than equality, what would a system that escapes modernity look like? We know that it would involve zero socialized medicine and other government benefits because these destroy our people. As Helmut Nyborg expressed recently, socialism is dysgenic and destroying our people:

Two forces could destroy Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Prof. Nyborg noted, “The welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place. This is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit.”

The question begins to make sense when we look at modernity as a deviation from what works into an experimental type of society which, because it is emotionally satisfying to most people, crops up again and again throughout history. All great civilizations die by caste revolt, in which the lower castes overthrow the natural elites above them and replace them with fake elites as we have now, and these caste revolts always take the form of people besotted with the mental virus of equality. Our doom is not atypical but tediously typical, and the solution is getting back to the type of civilization that thrives.

A civilization of this nature is motivated by virtue and is strongly nationalistic, meaning that it defines itself in ethnic terms and excludes all others. It also rejects any institutions which turn its citizens against one another such as democracy and equality. As occurs naturally in all populations, it has a caste system where those who are more intelligent and morally competent are given the money and power, and it beats back its own merchants this way. These societies tend to have strong cultural practices and faith, being naturally reverent toward nature and their own history. Right now, this seems impossible, but that is only because we are accepting modernity as necessary.

We can reach our goal in stages, which follow roughly this pattern:

Step 1: Stop the Bleeding

Western Civilization has already fallen.

We are the people who are going to recreate it.

But the first step is to stop the bleeding, which requires swinging culture and politics to the Right. The Alt Right has already done a fantastic job of this, and if it makes itself appealing to the functional people out there, can go much further. We have to recognize however that we face an enemy in the Leftist who will do everything he can to replace us with foreigners so that Leftists remain in power from that point onward. These foreigners will always vote against us.

This means that our first task, above all else, is to execute a “pincer strategy” on those of foreign blood who are among us: one claw of the pincer involves removing the opportunities they find here, and the other requires raising the cost of them being here. Removing opportunities is as simple as revoking the laws — civil rights, affirmative action, and anti-discrimination types — that protect the foreign among us and ensure that they are forced into our economies. Next, it makes sense to remove all of those free government welfare benefits, healthcare, education, housing and legal help. A fever burns out infection by bringing the body into an artificial state of agitation; removing all of the comforts of modern society will drive away opportunists.

In this way, we can build the Great Wall of Trump without laying a brick. The incentives to come here will be gone, and the costs to do so will also have risen, which will cause repatriation of the largest group of foreigners. In addition, without laws that force us to hire, sell homes to, rent to and work with foreign people, society will naturally re-segregate, which means that life for immigrants here will not be markedly better than what they have back home.

Step 2: Right the Ship

Once we are no longer facing a hostile voting population from afar, our task is to starve the beast: Leftists, and the easy employment that they require.

The first step to this is to attack education and media. Education is easily mastered by removing government money from the equation; end the loans, public education, and any roles created by regulation such as “diversity officers” and watch the number of Leftists decrease. Even before we remove public education entirely, which given its utter failure is an excellent idea, we can implement school vouchers and the group that keeps public schools afloat — middle class white kids — will vanish from those schools, causing them to implode into chaos and low test scores. Media requires a more nuanced approach, but the Trump administration has made a good start: restrict access to information, treat them as a hostile power, and encourage them to face the same boycotts that have wrecked the NFL and CNN.

In addition, it is time to start removing laws. Almost all government employees outside of the military are Leftists. Their jobs are created through regulation and other laws which mandate large bureaucracies. When those bureaucracies are no longer needed, all of those Leftists go elsewhere, mainly to working in retail again. Any law we write creates bureaucrats and lawyers in both public sector, to enforce it, and private sector, to avoid that enforcement. Removing both of these dumps Leftists into the jobs market and removes all the abundant free time they use to cause trouble.

A further step might involve the return of freedom of association. If country clubs are no longer forced to accept Leftists, and the nicer neighborhoods can toss them out, then suddenly being a Leftist will not be a zero-risk proposition, but an impediment. Normal people who go along with Leftism will shy away from it. This type of accelerating cultural wave ends in Leftists being marginalized, as a precursor to relocating them to the third world.

Step 3: Long Term Goals

If we want not just to be men in suits with slightly better ideas, but aspire to the Templars, Vikings, Spartans and maybe the vast cultural and philosophical knowledge of ancient times, it requires that we have a long-term goal that involves getting away from the little-man psychology created by systems of government and rights-based law.

When we achieve a Right-leaning culture and through that, political realm, it can be time for more ambitious action: restoring Western Civilization by abolishing democracy and replacing it with an aristocracy.

Our first step would be a Constitutional Amendment that abolishes every amendment since the Bill of Rights and creates a new branch of pseudo-government, the aristocracy, which will be defined as the genetics of its founding members as appointed by a committee of our wisest people. Those can be selected by our military and other noted and respected thinkers, recognizing that these will not come from the current group of false elites.

After that, it becomes time to abolish most if not all of our written laws such as those based on rights, benefits and other “automatic” procedures. From now on, all decisions are made by hand, with someone of intelligence accountable, not a bureaucrat shrugging and pointing to a line in a rulebook.

With that, we can return to the question of culture, now that it is no longer under assault by government, media and academia. The Alt Right fundamentally desires a Nietzschean warrior culture where people have a sense of honor, integrity and principle and are motivated by a deep inner purpose, if nothing else a striving for those goals that can never be fully achieved but the striving toward which improves everything around us: excellence, greatness, goodness, wisdom, virtue.

This type of change of civilization is the only goal that will motivate our people. Democracy with racism will not, and dictatorship will not; people are done with Communism and National Socialism, and with good cause, considering the wreckage they left. We need a future vision that promises prosperity and greatness, not just ideological greatness followed by wreckage.

Naturally the powers that be fear this more than anything else, which is why they scrupulously avoid ever discussing it. We made a wrong turn in 1789 when the West shifted toward democracy, but even before that, we lost a sense of purpose and substituted mercantile concerns for it. Our future consists of peeling back the mistakes, starting over and then aiming for the stars.

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