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Podcast Episode #12

We are joined with special guest Mars Dorian in this week’s podcast. Mars is a science fiction writer, illustrator, and marketer. We talk about his work, what it takes to market as an independent writer, as well as a host of other topics including learning foreign languages and culture in writing. You can check out Mars at his website

Here is the site Fluent in 3 Months that we talk about in the podcast and here is his article about learning Japanese. Be Sure to read Mars’ op-ed for the Uprising Review too.

Download (81mb, 78 minutes)

The Movies:

The Lives of Others
Good Bye, Lenin

The Music:

The music for this week’s podcast is by My Suns on Fire!

Books By Mars Dorian
The Chrystal Crusade: A Sci-Fantasy Adventure
Frontier Effects 1: Twisted Encounter
Vanguard Galaxy
Fear The Liberator

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