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The Alt Right Is A Revolution Against Politics


Hillary Clinton hoped she could use the standard Leftist technique against Donald Trump: she would identify him as belonging to a forbidden group, and then his campaign would evaporate because the magic words had been used.

Back in the days of the Revolution, the magic word was “Tory.” Someone who was loyal to the king was a traitor, and after the war, many found themselves driven out of their homes and deprived of property.

When the Civil War came around, the magic word was “slave owner,” and this was pitched to the groundlings in New York and Massachusetts under this idea: the kings enslaved you, so slaves are like you, and slaveowners are like those evil kings! Back to calling people Tories.

In World War I and II, the doctrine was much the same. Democracy was freedom, and anything else — monarchism, nationalism, culture — was fascism because it enslaved you.

In the 1960s, the most hateful generation ever spawned took its revenge on its parents. Raised on WWII propaganda, they new the way to success was to find something and liberate it. They demanded new liberty, and with it, a new kind of state based on FDR’s old plans.

The hippies wanted to use the wealth of the first world to subsidize people so that there would be no penalties for making unrealistic choices. That was total human freedom, the fulfillment of the Renaissance and The Enlightenment!

Since that time, politics has remained stuck in the loop of freedom-slavery that Orwell predicted in inverse. The face of totalitarianism is not government saying “Freedom Is Slavery,” but creating slavery disguised as freedom while accusing the other side of creating slavery.

This is the oldest of human behaviors: accuse the other guy of your own crimes, to deflect from your possible guilt. Catch any two kids stealing cookies and each will blame the other.

With the rise of politics, which is based on appearance and not depth of understanding, this type of behavior becomes not only acceptable, but good, because it advances your virtual team on the fantasy football stage created by political alignments, concepts, categories and other cognitively shiny objects that we magpie.

For example, witness the flag-cheering of Hillary Clinton’s campaign against ethnic awareness:

In June, the Pew Research Center found that 79 percent of Clinton voters believe the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities is an important issue, while only 42 percent of Trump supporters feel that way. As I wrote previously, earlier Pew research found that Trump supporters were significantly less likely than other Americans (and supporters of other Republican presidential candidates) to think that racial and ethnic diversity improves the United States.

The funny thing about this situation is that no one involved is paying attention to reality. They are paying attention to concepts, which because of the social nature of the human brain, are in fact disguised tokens for social appearance. They are manipulating image.

Image manipulation for social gain is politics.

We can look for more complex reasoning behind this situation, but there is no need. The idea of equality is brain-crack; but to have it, you must reduce the higher. It always goes this way. Zero exceptions.

And yet, equality will always be popular because it is a socially successful concept. It is pacifism in the war for social success; everyone is accepted, all are included, and that way, we have peace.

In theory.

The Alt Right is a war against politics itself. Unlike mainstream conservatives, who have become entranced with the One Ring that popularity represents, and thus have been corrupted by it, the Alt Right recognizes that popularity never chooses the right answer.

Popularity is the opposite of realism. The Alt Right espouses what David Duke calls “the [policies] of the obvious”: what is real is what is out there in the world, not here in human minds/emotions, and what works is that which has worked throughout history. Our era is no different.

But politics eschews realism and chooses notions that are popular with humans because these notions deny reality instead. People love inversion; they are tired of common sense, history and wisdom. They want fantasy, magic, unreality and feelings. This is why the Christians invented Original Sin: without self-discipline and moral alertness, we are just thronging monkeys — and most of us can never rise above that level anyway, owing to IQ limitations.

In contrast to the media narrative, the Alt Right is not a populist uprising but an anti-popularity one. Its core recognition is that politics removes awareness and responsibility from the voters just as it removes focus from reality and transfers it to a series of shiny symbols.

This recognition takes two immediate forms, both of which reject mainstream conservatism:

  1. The mechanism must be explicit. We can no longer have clever politics where we dance around what we want by protecting its in the abstract.

    For example, “freedom of association” is a nice idea, in theory, but it produces a divided nation. Saying that we want to be free of “racism,” and figuring that this applies to white people and Jews as well as Africans and Palestinians, is indirect. Conservatism, Inc. has tried to protect the American way of life with laws that defend categories of activities. We need to directly advocate those activities.

    A population that wishes to survive must eliminate the gulf between the policies it proposes and their goals. Politeness kills. If the answer is that ethnic nationalism is needed, as it is needed to protect any population from ethnic replacement through trace miscegenation, then state that.

    Where mainstream conservatives got cute and clever by removing their intention from the laws they passed, this simply empowered their enemies, who re-interpreted those laws in the absence of a clearly articulated goal. The Alt Right speaks up for what it desires, instead of targeting an intermediate mechanism that it hopes will protect its ability to do so.

    With that notion, the Alt Right has departed from the “freedom” versus “slavery” narrative of the West for the past thousand years. That dichotomy is foolish because the two terms require one another, namely that some must be enslaved to keep others free. A more sensible idea is to state a goal and make all laws reflect it.

  2. There is no compromise. Unlike mainstream conservatives, who attempt to remain collegial and congenial with the opposition, the Alt Right recognizes that not only does the opposition not see the situation that way, but no sane person would either.

    Leftism and Rightism are incompatible at every level. Leftism is demand-based, assuming that all people are good and sane and therefore we can trust them; Rightism is supply-based, or recognizing that human wants are endless and resources must be apportioned for maximum concentration of energy in order to produce good results. There can be no “compromise” between the two, and history bears this out: all bipartisanship has shown simply more Left-drift.

    Sensible Rightists are anti-work and instead, are in favor of autonomous producers who conserve as much of their time and energy and possible for themselves. When something becomes a job, the focus shifts from the task itself to the job. That inverts the task, because for a job, it is safer to not fix problems and have job security, and to avoid troubling truths and have popularity, than it is to do the task. This is what happened to mainstream conservatives.

    We must think like philosophers, but act like skinheads. The enemy is the ideas of the Left; the body of that enemy is the Left, and they must be smashed. Smash them in the press, smash them in books, smash them in the streets and when we gain victory, deport or disenfranchise all of them. There is no victory while they have any power.

The Alt Right is an apocalyptic ideology. It realizes that the West is in immediate danger of crashing, and even if we dodge that, we have to deal with the fact of our civilization’s long-term decline. Civilizations are like elevators: they are either heading upwards, or heading downwards; the “stop” button does not work for long.

Politics, like Leftists as a group, is a proxy for the bad ideas that have infested us. The first of those is individualism, or the idea that the individual is equal — to other individuals, to nature, to God — and should act on the basis of whim and emotion alone. This idea occurred when our society began thriving and so could support those who would otherwise have not survived.

To defeat the monster of the decline of the West, we must peel the onion, removing layers from outer to inner. The most outward layer is politics; the most inward is our souls and whether we choose doubt or strength. For now, the Alt Right is content to abolish politics and replace it with plain-spoken, realist leadership.

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