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Thank God For The Collapse


The fear and trembling in the West has reached a fever pitch. The Party favorite candidate for sportsball election, Hillary Clinton, has been revealed to be a fungal colony from outer space that reproduces by vomiting mucus into water and collapses at the sight of cooking mushrooms.

In the meantime, the danger signals are too strong to ignore. The economy is doomed because as is typical of Leftist administrations, it is based on demand-side monetary policy, which rewards the trivial and therefore runs itself into collapse. Society is experiencing its 151st straight year of racial antagonism, race riots, rape, murder, police shootings and probably forced sodomy.

We wish we could handle this the usual way, which is to point to Europe and say, “See! Socialism is working there!” and then resurrect our spirits and the economy with more government jobs and benefits, prompting the ghetto-dwellers to buy more iPhones and “prime the pump” for more Potemkin Capitalism action, but the EU is ablaze with its own failures.

Notably, only a handful of people have blamed the real culprits: democracy, which encourages throwaway voting, and the rampant defensive egotism and myopic individualism of the West. To blame those is to indict ourselves, and even worse, to demand that we change. It is much more effective to demand that others change.

So. It looks like the Titanic hit an iceberg of itself, and now is sinking. How shall we mourn?

I suggest mourning not at all. The “old” West — its 1980s-2010s incarnation — was a horrible place. On the surface, it was all wealth and opportunity. Underneath, it was fake. The work was fake and usually unnecessary. The politics were fake. The strip malls lining our nation with another dozen miles of McDonald’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Darque Tan, Applebee’s and other urban blight were poison.

But most of all, it was existential death. There was no purpose to anything except money and “freedom,” except the latter was a lie because the fearful herd banned everything except the crassest pleasures, and you still had to go back to work the next day so you could not do anything too ambitious. And the money, while good, could not buy you more time with your family, or peace in your soul, or wisdom, or even something meaningful enough to spend your life in pursuit of…

Instead, we got a robotic, brain-dead order. The machine stamps pieces of metal with shapes; we stamp children into robots in schools. The right way to make the machine work is to run it for eight hours a day, even if the line is empty; and so, we attend jobs and invent work to fill the time. If something breaks, fix it by dumping money on the problem; we use welfare, benefits and social programs to try to bribe the insane and sociopathic into conformity.

The West was great centuries ago. The modern implementation of it has only been great insofar as it contains seeds of the past, but that greatness is now expired, leaving us with a parasitic, neurotic and masturbatory republic in which no one is really happy. Even the minorities, lavished with trillions of dollars of welfare and benefits, find themselves hating life here because for all that it tries to materially reward them, it is not of them, by them and for them, and thus will always feel alien.

How could we end up making such wrong and worse, idiotic, decisions time after time? Let us deconstruct “we”: people in groups act like morons, even if they are intelligent, and giving them the vote just removes accountability and responsibility. Democracy grinds itself down every time, but for us to get this far, we must have suffered a mental lapse first.

We did. Back before The Enlightenmentâ„¢ we have The Renaissanceâ„¢ and before that, Peasant Revolts and Mongol Invasions. The answer is that when a civilization rises, it attracts parasites both within and without. Unless it summons up a Nietzschean level of heroic desire to implement Darwinism and exile the stupid, venal and licentious, it self-destructs. That self-destruction takes millennia, so your Mom and Dad can get away with telling you to forget about it and focus on your career.

And yet: death comes ripping; the collapse is still waiting in the wings, relentless and unthinking, an insect doom which will consume all in its path. Now that it has like a locust eaten the best part of the crop, it is nibbling at what is left, which is very low-nutrition.

“But, how do we stop this?” scream the population in panic — just kidding: they are on Facebook, or watching television, or shopping, doing anything really as long as it is obsessive enough to cram in the maw of The Void…. but it is not working. The doubt creeps in, the cold sweats and nocturnal fears. And so they bravely slam down the iPad and start Googling something, anything… anything to fill the void.

Is this the kind of life you envision for your great-grandchildren? What about yourself? These questions are toxic poison in any conversation, and that is why the West A.D. 2016 (aka $current_year) must die: it is a denial of all that is good, and then, a refusal to acknowledge that the bad is not good, all for the pretense of the voters, a.k.a. ourselves.

It is time for us to grow up. We have spent centuries wallowing in stupidity and that has meant that only idiots succeed, only fools rule, only morons win. This has sapped us of any heart or energy, and now we are just struggling to make it through each day without seeing the blackness rushing at us. Let that way of life die. Even if all goes down in flames, it is better to try to rise above this and perish, than to continue living a lie.

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