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You will notice that the blogroll has been updated, which is another way of saying that it is both gone and lives on in a new place. Amerika featured a blogroll for some time to show off blogs of importance, but then, the blogs page came about, and the two were duplicative.

To avoid conflict, the blogroll has moved to the blogs page, and where it was are links to the sections of the links page, which has expanded from a list of Alt Right blogs to a general list of resources for next-generation Rightist thinkers. If your site is not listed, please send along an email to user “brett” at this domain.

In the future, this list will expand to cover all topics of interest to a normal human being, as filtered through an Alt Right viewpoint. This is a certainty because of the sprawling way the list expanded until it was reorganized and updated recently, more akin to clearing scrub than anything else. In the meantime, give it a look-see here:

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