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Hysterical Diversity Failure Leaves Air Passengers Stranded

British Airways experienced a catastrophic failure of its information technology systems that left passengers stranded around the world. It turns out the root of the problem may have been a diverse workforce:

And boss Alex Cruz has been blamed for the disaster, but it is now claimed he tried to stop staff talking about the problems experienced after outsourcing staff to India.

In an email to staff obtained by the Daily Mail, he wrote: “Guys, either you are part of the team working to fix this or you aren’t. We are not in the mode of ‘debriefing on what happened’ but rather ‘let’s fix this mode’.”

Adding: “In the meantime, if you do not want to get involved or cannot get involved, I would kindly ask you to refrain from live commentary, unless it is a message of support to the thousands of colleagues that love BA as much as you do.”

As usual in the West, we now do the distract/deflect/censor dance: claim a positive outcome according to positive values like diversity or “let’s fix this mode,” claim something else was the problem, and then try to stop people from talking about the actual problem.

Diversity never works. When groups are mixed, no common standards prevail, even in language, and misunderstandings, territorialism, clannishness and enmity arise as people stop trusting each other.

If diversity cannot manage an airline, how do we expect it to do anything better for the much larger problems of nation and Western Civilization?

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