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As this election contorts under the sign of a blood moon, many find ourselves how we got here. Most people are not politically active since they are busy living normal lives. The more local, the more focus, it seems. Family, calling, faith, culture, and fixing the toilet that keeps running take up more mental focus than far-off politics.

We look out at the hugbox that politics and society have become and wonder how things got so bad so fast. All of our public figures, worse even than in the later Reagan years, seem unified on a message. The goodthinkers are everywhere, and many of our fellow citizens emulate them.

Even worse, the most successful have learned early on to ape the dogma of the Regime because this is the only way you get ahead. Anyone else gets filtered out at lower levels of school, early jobs, collegiate education, and career path stepping stones. You are considered polite and educated only if you have a certain set of opinions.

Across the West results seem the same. Some of the formerly most effective nations on Earth are now focused entirely on internal dialogue over symbols, trying to win public favor by preaching the most inclusive, tolerant, and pluralistic notions.

The worst for us is the fact that the Regime is not centralized. Instead it is distributed through the meme of socialization. Goodthinkers and others who want to succeed say what is considered socially correct and ignore the consequences. Politics has become the regulator of what is socially acceptable.

This came about by the introduction of individualism, later including diversity and equality, to our society. When every individual matters and the judgment of the herd is passed over each person, no person wants to offend any single person in the herd. Instead they repeat lies that make the herd promote them.

Diversity made this worse by abolishing culture. When your society becomes a multiculture, it can no longer have a dominant culture, so it takes what it has and expands it to include everyone. Since their ways are different, there can be no standard way, and so culture becomes television, ideology, and basic socializing.

Living in a cultureless void dominated by ideology and commerce one realizes that this sad state of affairs came about through politics. After all, we fought wars for democracy, and when we won, the monkey on our back won too. WW1 was a war for democracy, just as the Civil War and WW2 were as well.

In this case, democracy is a method, and it replaces both goals and common sense. We live in the Age of Symbolism after all and so when the Crowd is passing judgment, only the optics matter, and if someone is offended, the optics are bad. Every generation gets weaker, more milktoast, and more neurotic in an attempt to be “safe” and popular.

People follow inertia. When democracy has been steadily winning since the French Revolution, people support it because it seems to be the path to money, power, romantic opportunity, and social status. They are afraid not to support it because that means admitting that our civilization is in fact failing and dying.

Since the 1960s, diversity has been the common thread in goodthinker rhetoric. If you are a “good person,” you support Civil Rights and equality for all, and you see those who do not join in your quest as a “fascist” enemy that must be defeated for humanity to achieve progress.

Never mind that diversity was expanded in the early 1960s simply to work around the damage done by the unions, and that we are not progressing toward anything, only navel-gazing and fighting over empty symbols because we no longer have culture and therefore, have no goals.

No one has found a solution to the nearly universal appeal of Leftism. People with experience in making things work, whether farms or management, tend to shy away from it. People with families and full lives tend to back away slowly. Those who read and understand history see it as the tar pit that it is.

In my view, the root is individualism when it encounters the group. Most people fear a loss of their esteem in the eyes of others, so they seek to neutralize others so that no one knows more or better than they do. They want to treat everyone else as if it were a single individual so that they can avoid being dominated by it.

Individualists share one common trait: they want nothing to come in the way of what they desire. When other people are around, however, this requires neutering the others by offering a sweet-flavored lie, namely “equality,” so that other people form a kind of pacifist cult unified by a resolution to attack no one.

They make some exceptions of course. Murderers and assailants, some thieves, and those who act against the pacifist pact are seen as enemies. Over time this latter category expands to include anyone who has not yet bought into the individualist pacifist cult, and so unaligned and passive dissidents are thrown in the antisocial pile.

Fundamentally they seek “safety,” which is an illusion because we can minimize but never eliminate risk. They hate strength, health, intelligence, culture, wisdom, history, faith, and family because these things elevate some above others. Most of all however they hate goals.

If you have a goal, a hierarchy emerges based on who is able to contribute toward attaining that goal and what role they serve in the process. No one is equal when it comes time to actually make things happen. The individualists hate that; they want to be important not for having done things, but for having the right opinions.

In this way we have created a system based on manipulation, and consequently it rewards manipulators, which is why we get so much signaling. The goodthinkers do not care about the results of their policies, only that they look good for espousing them. If they cared about results, they would have noticed long ago that nothing they do works.

They are the weakeners. They want to tear down the strong. They see themselves as the weak because that way, they can claim to be winning. They require having no one above them by natural ability, which means that all must become weak, useless, and effete.

Idiocracy is not the result, it is the goal. They want an empire of harmless, obese, sociable, and incompetent neurotics so that they — the individualists — are safe from anyone noticing that they are not contributing or doing something trivial.

As more goodthinkers come on board, they promote each other, and soon you have lots of highly-paid roles for doing trivial things with technology or shuffling paper. The more government and NGOs subsidize education, write regulations, implement affirmative action, and subdivide roles, the fewer functional people we have.

The rise of the goodthinker follows the inertia of this society. We are now as ruled by a centralized system as people were under the Communist states. To get ahead, you memorize the garbage, have the right opinions, get the certifications, and then you have a nice job and a nice house waiting for you as a good tool of the system.

These people are willing to believe just about anything in order to justify their belief that the society based on the French Revolution — this came about during the Civil War in America — is succeeding and not falling apart as is evident everyday.

Their thinking is backward because instead of looking to reality, finding a goal, and measuring their actions by how well they are achieving results, they see only symbolism. How do others feel, think, and judge what they are doing? The Crowd, with no interest in the future because they lack responsibility for it, chooses the neutered.

No one has any responsibility in democracy. If you are a leader, you blame the other side. If you are a voter, you blame the vote for not going your way. If you are a bureaucrat, you can find some scapegoat like White Nationalists or Islamic Terrorists to blame for every failure of your system.

Individualists choose egalitarianism because it is popular because all of the individualists are manipulating and scamming one another. Egalitarians always hate the strong, which is why they detest the White and want to destroy them with diversity. This is not a conspiracy, but the natural result of their ideology.

These are the people who liked public schooling. They adore simple, quasi-functional answers and half-truths. They relish dysfunction and like how the people they have neutered can do nothing as they scam their ways to high salaries and easy living.

When your society gets taken over by goodthinkers, you have one and only one option: strike at the root. Reject egalitarianism and the me-first individualism (subsidized by others) behind it. Only when we are willing to speak this heresy en masse does the Age of Symbolism begin to fall.

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